5 ways to Tie A Scarf


Winter is gone now! Well, almost. We're currently in that cusp where it is cool in the mornings and warm during the day. This is the perfect weather for scarfs in my book, those little pieces of cloth that are easy to manage depending on the mood swings that the weather has been prone to recently. Now recently, my brother asked me to do a post on different ways to wear a scarf. While I know there are loads of ways to wear one, I thought it would be fun to list out some of my favorite ways. Chances are, if we meet in the next few weeks, I'l probably be sporting one of these around my neck!

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1. Take a scarf, fold it about four times, and voila! No hassle coziness.

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2. A great way to show off the pretty material of a scarf. This is done by looping the scarf around the neck in a loose circle and then looping the hanging end along the loop. I usually do this while in trains.

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3. A single loop or a double knot. This is a great way for both guys and girls to keep warm! You can either pass the ends through the loop or weave it through. I especially like the weaved look. 

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4. A variation of the second method, but instead of leaving the ends hanging, I fold them inside and this give it a more cowl like appearance. 

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how to wear a plaid scarf, winter scarves, checkered scarves, plaid scarf
5. And finally, if you cant be bothered with neat folding, just wrap it loosely around your neck. This works best with scarves that have interesting prints to show off the designs.

So those are some of the ways I wear scarves. If you want me to do a step by step tutorial or any of these, let me know. I'll definitely try to do one. How do you wear scarves? Talk to me in the comments below! You can also catch me on Twitter and Facebook
And remember, have fun with scarves and don't hesitate to experiment!

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