New Year's Eve Outfit Idea - Metallic Midi Skirt


New year Eve is always a time filled with anxiety and a whole lot of questions for me. I never go out to party on this day simply because it seems like the whole world is out on the streets and that the free flow of alcohol and adrenaline makes people a bit too over the top for my taste. I usually spend the week celebrating though, what with my birthday, my dad's birthday and a whole lot of other festive things happening in the last week of the year. Today's outfit is actually the outfit I wore on my birthday and I think its a great look that can be easily worn to New Year parties too!

White Crop Top: Rs. 550, Forever21
Grey Heels: Rs. 1699, Zara Sale
Metallic Skirt: Rs. 2499, New Look From Asos (buy here)
Ring: Rs. 50, Sugarbox
Ear Crawlers: Rs. 999, Baublebar
Bag: Rs. 599, The Quirk Box Sale
Phone Cover: Gift from a Friend, Daily Objects (buy here)

Total Outfit Cost: Rs. 6396 which is around  ₤65

This sparkly, metallic but mute silver skirt is an absolute favorite in my closet and I had been saving it for my birthday. I loved it so much that I actually paid full price for it! The top is the one you've seen before and has been such a staple in my closet lately that I seem to be wearing it with everything. I did spot it on the sale racks in Forever21 recently, so you might want to give it a find if you're out shopping. Paired with simple heels and my absolute riot of colors Quirk Box bag, I think this is one of my most favorite outfits till date. Simple and completely reusable through the year, try classics this new year so that you don't regret paying full price for those party clothes!

What are you wearing this NYE? Tell me in the comments

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