Sugarbox, December 2016: 2nd Anniversary Edition


Sugarbox turns 2!! This little subscription box has been an absolute favorite of mine this year and I was obviously superbly excited to receive it. This month, the box is choc-full of absolutely delightful goodies and without wasting more of your time, lets just dive into it!

1. Grey Tasseled and Frills Scarf

This scarf is made from the softest wool. I haven't yet figured out what kind but its got a whole lace, tassel, ruffle thing going on which is  totally on trend. A great piece to add to your wardrobe!

2. Meow Cat Ears Beanie

This beanie is first off, totally adorable! Secondly its also seriously tiny and I had to make some crazy effort to wear it. I have such glorious plans for wearing this beanie, stay tuned to see it in a new post very soon! 

3 & 4. Kallos Face Pack and VIP Chocolate:

These two things just scream cozy girl's night in....actually around 50% of this box makes me want to snuggle in my pjs and pamper myself. The face pack looks superbly interesting and I'll let you know how I like it once I've tired it. 

5. Black Long Shrug
This isn't really the best quality but since its a big trend this winter, its quite great in order to layer over your cozy winter knits. Nope, if you are thinking of investing in this piece from the website, there's probably better options in the same price range. 

6. Cherry Socks: 

Pink cherry ankle socks! Does it get any cuter than this?? I told you this box has lots of 'stay home and be cosy' pieces and this is exactly one of them. I have plans to wear them on a cold winter holiday with a hot chocolate and cozy book to boot! 

7. Bracelet:

This Chanel inspired pearl bracelet has been a favorite of many a fashionista and is going to be a great addition to my accessories collection. Simple, chic and capable of working with a million difference pieces, its a nice addition to the 2016 jewellry haul. 

8. Pout Earrings: 

It seems that sugarbox is rather obsessed with lips at the moment. I already got similar pairs in a different order as an additional item and I've got it yet again in this one. These are tiny and while they aren't going to last very long with their plastic ends, I think I'd just stick them on some shirt for a bit of quirk. 

And that's it folks! A bit of cozy, a bit of quirk, a bit of class and a whole lot of happiness. I think this month's box was absolutely worth the month and while its sad that they've sold out right now...I hope this box comes back in stock so you guys can order it. Oh, and a very happy anniversary Sugarbox! Here's to many more years of sweet goodness! 

What's your favorite piece from the 2nd Anniversary Sugarbox? Tell me in the comments

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