3 Ways to Wear A Gold Pleated Metallic Skirt


A few months ago, one of my favorite bloggers, Londoner in Sydney started a new hashtag series on instagram called #MetallicsOnMondays. This was the time close to new years and it seemed everyone and their aunites were wearing a metallic skirt. I wasn't keen on getting one at first but somehow as time went by, it slowly grew on me. So much so that when my birthday came round I decided to wear a silver metallic skirt (see the complete post here). However, I still missed a gold skirt and when I got this, I couldn't wait to style it!

Look 1: The Dinner Date

Black Jumper: Rs. 599, H&M Sale
Gold Pleated Metallic Skirt: Rs. 1200, Asos
Black Pumps: Rs. 1000, Zara
Necklace: Rs. 450, Baublebar
Clutch: Rs. 200, Colaba Causeway

I decided to style three outfits since I think you can totally rock a metallic skirt whether its day or night. The first look is actually the night time look. I've worn this exact same look for a party somewhere in January and you wouldn't believe how simple it was. The skirt literally does all the hard work. All you need to do is take the compliments as they start coming your way! I paired it with my cutout shoulder top that I bought from the H&M sale. While its cosy enough to be worn in winters with a jacket, I think I'll be wearing it to work on its own now that summer's here and we seem to be blasted with polar weather inside the office (thanks ACs on the fritz) and scorching heat outside! This look is great for a work party or actually any event in my opinion. I added my gold necklace and simple black pumps to complete the look.

Look 2: The Glam Brunch

White Tshirt: Rs. 200, Koovs
Gold Pleated Metallic Skirt: Rs. 1200, Asos
White Lace Sneakers: Rs. 900, Hill Road
Geeky Transparent Aviators: Rs. 200, Colaba Causeway (buy here)

If you're the kind of person who dresses up, no matter what the occasion, then this one's for you. Metallic skirts are the answer to dressing for unplanned weekend brunches where you simply don't have the time of inclination to plan an outfit. This look is perfect for a weekend brunch date with the girls. It's super comfortable and can hide all your binge eating thanks to its forgiving pleats. I added a pair of oversized clear aviators instead of my regular glasses and my trusty white sneakers. This is definitely a way to upstyle a look with a pair of white sneakers.

Look 3: Sports Luxe

Denim Shirt: Rs. 499, Warehouse from Koovs Sale
Gold Pleated Metallic Skirt: Rs. 1200, Asos
White Lace Sneakers: Rs. 900, Hill Road
Clutch: Rs. 200, Colaba Causeway
Necklace: Rs. 300, Colaba Causeway (buy here)

The final look is all about being bohemian. I wanted to do a look that's more about dressing the way you feel and making a metallic skirt that's supposedly classy, into something that's very free spirited. For this look, I paired my pleated gold metallic skirt with my denim shirt and a statement necklace in gold. I love that this look is crazy and individualistic. You can ideally make it more formal by tucking in the shirt and buttoning upto the collar instead of the half tuck, tied at the waist theme I went for. Really, anything goes when it comes to pairing a shirt with a skirt!

That's it folks! I think metallic skirts are quite underrated in India inspite of being all the rage in the West. These are still not available in the streets and I'll be sure to keep an eye out for them.

Wondering how to pick the best metallic skirt for you? Here are some tips!
  • Pick a metal! Yes, its the first step in finding a metallic skirt you'll love to wear. I personally love silver and gold depending on my mood. However, you don't have to be limited to conventional metallic colors. You can even pic jewel tones such as jade, onyx, pink!? Yes, while silver and gold are the bestsellers, there's no dearth of other shades of metallic skirts
  • Fit is everything! Check the store for fastening details. For instance, my silver metallic is a zipped skirt but the gold one I'm wearing here is an elastic waist. If you aren't sure about the fit, order it in two sizes and return the one that doesn't fit right (be sure to check the returns policy before you order though!)
  • How tall do you want to look?? The answer to this question will decide on the length of the skirt. If mini skirts are your jam (they make you have legs for days!) then go for that! Personally I'm much more comfortable with midi length skirts and that's exactly what I always order. However, measure the length you want and then make sure that the skirt you're buying falling in that range since a lot of them are difficult to alter thanks to the fabrics used.
  • Does it spark joy? Finally, for all the tips in the world, if the answer to this question is yes, then go for it! I have learnt that any outfit that sparks joy is an outfit worth wearing! If you think you've found a piece that makes your heart sing, then by all means, go ahead and wear it! Don't let anyone or anything stop you!!
Have you worn metallic skirts before? Tell me how in the comments! 

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