4 Simple Tips To Take Care of Your Hair This Holi


We're around a week away from Holi and its almost time to welcome the most colorful time of the year. Holi is always celebrated with joy and while the day is a riot of colors, I often hear people complaining about how it messes with their hair and skin. Since I've been saving my hair from holi damage for several years now, I figured I'd share my tips on pre-holi care.

Start Early! 

First off, make sure your hair is clean before you oil it. Yes, I know everyone tells you that you should oil your hair but first off, its extremely important to get rid of any dandruff or dirt that may already be present. Use a gentle shampoo, (I've seen tressemme or Nature's co works well) and make sure to get rid of any split end before holi.

Oil, Oil, Oil!

ANY girl who's worth her holi colors will tell you, oil is the key to saving your hair. If there's only time to do one thing before you go out to play, then its got to be oiling. Any hair oil works well, you could go for a scented one that's sure to keep you calm.

Braid it like a pro!

Another thing that girls often forget is that oiling isn't enough. If you've got hair that's fairly long, then its important to ensure its tied neatly. You could braid it in any number of stylish ways so as to keep it away from your face and make sure that its easy manage

Scarves are Saviours!

Finally, my most important tip is the most sensible one. If you can add a scarf or a bandana to keep your hair from directly getting exposed to the colors, there's nothing like it. I personally think that a scarf worn as a headband and a pair of reflectors is the coolest look for any Holi. You've got style and sense all rolled into one, and that's the best of both worlds right?

What are some of the things you've done to protect your hair this Holi? Go on, follow these haircare tips to enjoy a great holi. I'll be back next week with tips on Post Holi Haircare and how to deal with the damage, if any!

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