What to Wear This Holi: A Complete Guide to The Festival of Colors


Hello hello! It's the long weekend and also the most colorful weekend of the year if you're an Indian (or just celebrate Indian festivals)! We've got the festival of colors coming up this Monday and while you make plans to celebrate it, the most important thing is what you wear. Since its a festival of colors and fun, you need to be dressed right for it without compromising on protecting your hair and skin. (Get some simple tips to take care of your hair this holi here). Anyway, let's dive right in to the fashion to make you look good this Holi.

The Clothes

The cliche White? Yes you can!! There are so many bargain white tshirts available on the streets right now you can score one for around Rs. 100 if you flex your bargain muscles. I got mine from a street stall in Bandra for 100 a few months ago. Not a fan of ruining your whites? Why not wear a bold color? I think a bright sunshine yellow is a great choice. Either way, if you aren't wearing white, wear bold colors to go with the festive mood!

The second, and often forgotten thing is fabric. While you're out finding your perfect outfit, don't forget to get the fabric right. Holi is as much a festival of water (yes, inspite of the water shortages in summers) as it is of color. While I personally don't like playing it with water you may have someone in the group who does start this bit. So keep in mind that fabrics sometimes get see through when wet. Look for thicker fabrics that are also quick dry. This will keep you from potentially embarrassing situations and also safer from catching a cold because of dampness!

The Accessories

Anyone who's actually played holi with a big group will tell you, accessories are life savers during holi! No, I don't mean get out all your fancy jewellery, I meant the essentials. First, sunglasses. You can't imagine how important these are when you're out playing with colors this holi! Honestly, eyes are one of the most precious and easily affected part of your body. So save your eyes from getting dusted with colors flying everywhere while still being ultra stylish. The best and coolest choice are reflectors or mirrored sunglasses! Holi Swag, done right!

While we're on it, another accessory that's often overlooked is the scarf. This is something that can add a beautiful pop of color to your outfit while still being functional. Tie a scarf as a headband or a turban to protect your hair or wear it around your neck to hid those potentially awkward peek a boos that may happen if you're partying with abandon. I personally love wearing a headband on Holi as its functional and fashionable!

The Shoes

Flats, flats and flats! There really is no other thing you can wear. Wear a pair of old comfortable sneakers or strappy sandals. You'll probably be chasing each other with a handful of colors and holi isn't the time to be wearing your fancy heels. So pull out those old comfy sandals and run to your heart's content.

The Hair

While I've already spoken at length about pre-holi haircare (Read all my tips here), let me quickly reiterate the top tips. Oil your hair, this is something that's been said a lot but i'll say it again! Secondly, don't forget to protect it from the sun by tying a trendy scarf or tying it up in intricate braids so that it doesn't get tangled and looks neat while you enjoy!

The Skin

The most affected part in Holi is always the skin. Don't forget to add a high SPF sunscreen and a moisturiser. The trick is to maintain a layer of protection between your skin and the harsh colors so that it doesn't lead to breakouts and skin damage.
Another quick tip...Remember to stay hydrated while playing Holi. Its always a battle for me to remember to drink water but please do! Since most Holi parties are out in the sun, its important to stay hydrated to maintain your glow

The colors

Finally, the one thing Holi would be incomplete without, the colors! There are so many organic and environmentally friendly colors out there right now, you don't need to buy harsh colors. If you still aren't convinced, invest a little bit of time to make your own! Heck if powdered colors are not your thing then you can play it with flowers too! Just remember to be safe and respectful of others' feelings when you go out to play! Be happy, enjoy and celebrate the festival of colors!

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Happy Holi!

Photo Credits: Shruti Phulgirkar

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