Happy St. Patrick's Day: How to Wear Friday Casuals to Work


Green Green and more green! Has the St. Patrick's Day fever hit your feed? I may not be Irish but I do love their festivals, they're just so fun, I had to do a St. Patrick's Day outfit. Also, it was the perfect excuse to show you my new green thrifted blazer as well as sharing a few tips on how to wear Friday casuals to the office.

Green Blazer: Rs. 550, Colaba Causeway
Animal Print Tshirt: Rs. 200, Hill Road
Ripped Denims: Rs. 750, Asos from Stylflip (also styled here)
Bag: Rs. 599, Sugarbox
Ring: Rs. 100, Borivali

Total Outfit Cost: Rs. 2199, which is about ₤22

Photo Credits: Shruti Phulgirkar

Friday Casuals is a term that is well known to you if you're the corporate world. The one day of the week that's 'casual' which is just another way of saying wear denims to work tbh. While I usually don't like wearing denims on casual fridays I decided since so many of you guys are more comfortable with denims, it was time I showed you how to perfectly style them for the business casuals on Fridays outfit. 

First of all, friday casuals are still workwear so you need to look smart. This in the simples way means wearing your denims with a smart blazer. I usually love to wear brighter colors on the weekends since they are a great way to add a bit of color and fun to your workwear. This outfit with the bright green blazer (which is a complete complete bargain found at a thrift store) can literally be work during the week with your LBD and on the weekends paired with your denims or florals for a more laid back look. I also like wearing bold prints on Fridays since these are simple way to show your personality. I paired my animal print tshirt with the green blazer to get a simple clean friday casuals look. While I wore my ripped denims in this look, please make sure that your workwear policy allows these since a lot of companies frown upon ripped denims. Personally, I'd say if you've got business meetings, then ripped denims are a strict no no.That's it! I added a pair of heels to make the look a bit more business but you can just as well add your sneakers since its casual friday! 

Here are some more tips to master Friday Business Casuals for work:
  • What to wear your tshirt to work on Casual Friday? You can! All you need to do is style it with a structured blazer and you're good to go
  • Prints are your friends! Embrace them, and bring out the bold prints on Fridays to really show your true self.
  • Bold makeup? Well this is a bit tricky. I'd say wear bolder colors on Fridays but make sure not to go over the top. Nobody wants a face that's painted on but a bright lipstick is always fun! 
  • Blazers and jackets can save the day! No really, they can. A structured blazer with your denim joggers is yet another great way to style business casuals while being comfortable. It's all about balance.
  • Still confused? Try this trick! Always wear one business piece with two ccasual pieces. It's as simple as throwing on your bright pink blazer with your tshirt and jeans and adding a pair of heels or a structured bag and you're done. Yes seriously, its just that simple.
Still have questions? Ask away in the comments and I'll help you out!
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