Myntra Goes Mobile! Good? Bad? Stressful?


Sunday mornings shouldn't induce stress right? Well, waking up to a full page ad in the newspaper saying that one of your favorite online shopping sites goes Mobile certainly is! I mean, wait? What? I can't use the laptop to buy things from there anymore? Are you serious?! No, wait, they're just going to be on the app from now on! Certainly that isn't so bad? No wait, I don't trust my phone to make major payments! Or do I? Well, that's all the questions I thought of the instant I saw that ad. I even let out a small scream prompting mom to tell me, its only a store my dear, (little do you know mom, little do you know).


Well, after a mini fret session, I decided to tackle the bull by its horns and download the app. Few seconds later, HELLO shopping mall on phone! Okay, lets take a quick poll, how many of you spend all your free time on the phone? I'm guessing quite a few! Every time I hop onto the train to travel home, I see everyone scrolling through somebody's feed, or reading somebody's status or texts. Well, I'm guessing, while we may not realise it, this was a rather smart idea by the good folks at Myntra!
Here's what the App says in its very own words via screenshots.

Hello, there's not way I'm spending my coffee break sitting in front of the laptop finding last minute presents for the friend's birthday party. Instead, its much more enjoyable to tap and scroll through the app while I enjoy that latte I've been craving since morning! Yep, it may have taken me sometime, but I definitely see the benefits of the App!

Oh, and that time when you just boarded a train to Goa to realise your good friend's getting engaged in two days? Of course you aren't lugging your laptop around on a holiday! Oh wait, you've got your phone to the rescue! I've had so many of these scenarios run through my head since downloading the app! The sleek and easy to use interface doesn't hurt either! I love the little fashion quotes that pop up while you wait for the pages to load! (Fun and knowledge people! Isn't that what life's supposed to be!)

Overall, my verdict? It's GREAT that Myntra's going to be Mobile now! Its definitely a more intimate experience somehow when you're using the app on the phone. Probably because we have a much more intimate relation with our phones.  Stress? I think it's a way to get rid of stress instead of adding it! A quick little app that solves your shopping on the go needs? Well, that's not stressful at all! Its rather exciting!

Get the App Today! Try it out! And tell me how you like it! 

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