What is the #EkNayiLeague?


How many of your have been following the IPL recently? I’ll be honest, I’m not really a big fan of cricket. Somehow I feel that lately, there’s been too much of cricket over the last few years. At any point of time, there’s a cricket match being played somewhere. While this is all pretty good in the monetary and entertainment sense, I feel we lose the excitement and passion that was present in the good old days. One of the most well known cricket Gods from those days is Kapil Dev. I remember reading about him, hearing about him while I was growing up.  He’s been one of those people that I've always seen smiling and somehow, when I think of gentlemen in cricket, I always think of Kapil Dev and Rahul Dravid in the same breath. Maybe its just me, but that’s how I've always seen them.

Now, I came across some rather peculiar videos of him, talking about something called #EkNayiLeague. He’s basically shot a set of rather cryptic, but still endearing (in his own charming way) videos that tease the audience and ask them to guess what he’s talking about. And guess what? If you manage to guess it right, you can go meet the man himself when he launches his “New League”. This whole exercise has certainly gotten me interested in solving the puzzle. Wanna join in? You can enter the contest on their site here and stand a chance to win Rs. 1 Lakh! Frankly, he says that celebrities would fail even if they played the #EkNayiLeague with all their hearts! Well, what do you think it is?

So, I got my thinking cap on, and decided to take a crack at what it could be. Well, for starters I think that, its highly likely that the #EkNayiLeague is some kind of a New Game show, being hosted by Mr. Kapil Dev. Well, if that’s true, I’d think a lot of people will be really happy to participate. Another thing that crossed my mind, if only briefly was it could be some kind of a sports club. However, his little hints that even celebrities would fail, made me think otherwise. The underlying thought is that this definitely a new television show or a game. I'm not very sure if I'm even close, but then it’s still full to guess and discuss isn't it?

What do you guys think about these teasers? Would't it be great if there is some game show where people are tested on their athletic abilities? I think that would be a new and interesting area to explore. Lots of people can start being fitter, if only for a chance to be on the show! Well, these are my random ideas. I'm sure we’ll find out soon enough! Till then, I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below! 

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