Happy Easter!


Hello folks! Today is the first day of the long weekend for most of us. Everyone seems to be in the Easter mood and I decided there was no better time than now to show off my favorite powder blue skirt. Whenever I think of Easter I think beautiful pastel outfits and lots of chocolate eggs. While I don't quite manage to find good chocolate eggs here, I still always try and dress up for easter.

White Shirt: Rs.200, Colaba Causeway
Blue Midi Skirt with Pockets: Vintage, Borrowed from Mom
White Heels: Rs. 1200, Zara
Bag: Rs. 1000, Hong Kong Night Market
Bracelets: Rs. 299, Westside
Necklace: Rs. 100, Colaba Causeway

Total Outfit Cost: Rs. 2799, which is around ₤28

Photo Credits: Shruti Phulgirkar

This outfit is something that is timeless and defines me perfectly. I absolutely love midi skirts and white shirts are simply so versatile that they can be worn literally through the year and still not be boring. This outfit can literally be worn anywhere. Office, party, brunches, name it and this outfit will still look relevant and fresh. Oh, and the fact that it has pockets pretty much makes it the best outfit ever! I absolutely love the pockets!

I'm going to be spending my Easter as a working holiday planning more content for you guys and working on more posts for the coming days. I'm really enjoying writing more for you guys and the love that you've shown me in the feedback is incredible. Don't forget to spend quality time with your family this Easter! Have a great weekend!!

What's your favorite thing about Easter? Tell me in the comments 
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