Office Chic: Stripes On Stripes


If there's one print that's timeless and chic and can be worn almost everyday, its stripes. Stripes are any girl's wardrobe staple and personally, I seem to have an overload of stripes in my closet. I absolutely love pairing them with almost all the outfits that I create and I especially love mixing them into my workear. Today's outfit is all about wearing stripes to work.

Black Striped Vest: Rs. 100, Linking Road, Bandra
Pinstriped Trousers: Rs. 800, Colaba Causeway
White Striped Blazer: Rs. 2200, Vero Moda
White Zara Pumps: Rs. 1200, Spoyl
Bag: Rs. 1000, Night Market in Hong Kong
Ear Crawlers: Gift from a friend, Baublebar

Total Outfit Cost: Rs. 5300, which is around ₤54

Photo Credits: Shruti Phulgirkar

Pinstripes are the kings of workwear prints. Usually, if you work in a place with a really strict dress code, chances are, this is the only print you'll be allowed to wear and usually only in dark colors too. I decided to put together my striped separated from my workear wardrobe for this look. I paired my striped vest with my pintstriped trousers and my white striped blazer. This blazer has been in my closet for almost three years now and has been worn to everything from work to parties to fancy evening dinners. I decided to add one more statement piece by adding these ear crawlers and a bold lipstick. Since I hate it when my hair flies into my face while working, I pulled my hair up into a sever high ponytail. The overall look is quirky, but still business chic. 

Another thing that's so great about this outfit is that it is perfect for summers. The monochrome look is an absolute must in summers when you essentially feel like your face is melting. I definitely am pro vests with suits in this weather so that you eliminate one layer while still being able to wear a blazer. And finally, this looks brings me back to my very first #OfficeChic lesson for you guys (see the whole lesson and its tips here) which was, take risks! I realise this may not be an outfit you may feel like wearing to work, but I really recommend you to try wearing statement making stripes in any way you can. Believe me, they'll transform the way you dress for work! 

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