Gypsy Soul : Quick Style Guide to Bohemian Dressing


If you ask me right now, what defines my personal style at the moment, its a split between my professional life that's all about power dressing without getting lost in the crowd and personal life which is completely bohemian. There's something about wearing what you want that calls to me. Over the last year, I've realised that I'm a gypsy at heart and this reflects in the way I dress. Seamless transition from suits to gypsy skirts is something that has become a part of my soul. Today's outfit is about just that. Dressing for my soul.

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I saw this maxi dress on Vajor and I had an instant longing for it. Of course the price tag didn't quite let me take the plunge and that meant I waited and watched till it turned up on a shopping portal on resale. As soon as it did, (well okay, after slight haggling over the price) I had it and I've worn it quite a few times. It's the perfect material for beaches, evening sundowners, simple weekend dressing and pretty much everything you can possibly imagine doing on the weekends. I decided to let my love for bohemian elements shine through and decided to add hints of it in the look. Adding flash tattoos instead of stacked bangles was a last minute decision and this was my very first time trying them out (super late to the party I know). Will I try flash tattoos again? Definitely!

White Maxi Dress: Rs. 800, Vajor from Stylflip
Necklace worn as Headband: Rs. 100, Borivali
Bag: Rs. 750, Funk for Hire
Nosering: Rs. 50, Flea Market
Bracelet: Rs. 50, Flea Market

Total Outfit Cost: Rs. 1750, which is about ₤41

Photo Credits: Shruti Phulgirkar

Anyway, if you're on the lookout for tips to dressing like a bohemian gypsy fashionista, here's the lowdown!
  • The rule is, there are no rules! Yes, really, this is the first rule when it comes to bohemian dressing since its all about what makes your heart sing! 
  • Flowy dresses and maxi skirts in earthy prints are a great way of adding a bit of boho to your wardrobe. 
  • If accessories are your thing, then you can actually turn just a tshirt and denims outfit into a full fledged boho outfit. All you need to do is add accessories. Yes, if you love two statement necklaces, wear them together. For instance, in this outfit, I decided to wear my floral necklace as a headband....which brings me right into my next point.
  • Pay attention to the hair, but then don't really fuss to make it perfect. A messy bun, braids held back with scarves, or scarves braided in a simply hairstyle...all of this is perfectly boho and great ways to turn a simply look into a bohemian goddess look! No really, think headbands, messy braids or simple beach waves. 
  • Chunky is better. If you're confused about accessories, then follow this simple mantra and get instant boho vibes added to any outfit. 
  • Finally, be yourself. Bohemian fashion is all about expressing your own personal style. If you like wearing feathers, wear feathers in your hair. Honestly, its all about being an individual who celebrates their free spirit!
What's your take on dressing as a free spirited wanderer? Tell me in the comments 
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