Office Chic: Workwear in Summer in Mumbai


Happy Monday folks!! I'm so happy you could spare some time to drop by and take a look at today's post. The current heat wave in Mumbai has been literally melting our faces off and while we may have strong air-con in our offices, it still begs for weather friendly outfits. I happen to have a super strong air-con (it literally feels like Antarctica at work) but then every time I go out of the building for some work, I'm melting in the summer sun. That's exactly why I've started a series for this Month that's all about dressing for work in Mumbai.

My favorite print for any season, as you all know very well already, is stripes! Now I'm not usually much for full price shopping (and even if I do buy something full price, I have to be super convinced it's worth it) but I still find that I love some brands simply because they do make quality products. Warehouse is just one of these all time favorite ones and while I can almost never afford anything Warehouse (it's just so expensive, even on sale!!) sometimes I put my pennies together and get myself a little treat. This dress was exactly that and while I may have worn it in real life, I didn't feel comfortable enough putting it on the blog. However, since it represents the part where it's okay to splurge (as long as it's not everything full price) sometimes, I decided to put it here. It's not my usual street buy, but it's still worth every penny simply for the joy it sparks!

White Striped Dress: Rs. 1499, Warehouse from Tata Cliq
White Heels: Rs. 1000, Zara
Bag: Rs. 1000 Night Market in Hong Kong
Chic Happens Travel Mug: Rs. 599, Sugarbox

Total Outfit Cost: Rs. 4098, which is around ₤41

Photo Credits: Shruti Phulgirkar

A simple printed dress is the best option when it coming to summer dressing in India. Since the weather is too hot for anything else. Look for dressing in thicker fabrics since you don't want to end up in a transparent outfit at the end of the day. Think cotton or linen fabrics, think simple cuts and cool colors. Honestly, I think Mumbai summer will be spent wearing whites and more whites. If your office doesn't support cuts like this dress, I suggest wearing a thin kimono or cotton jacket on it for work. A pair of classic pumps and a structured bag and you're done. It's just that simple.

The length of this dress makes it great for work and the tie-belt at the waist is great for clinching in the waist. Overall, a dress like this makes workwear simple, easy and weather appropriate.

What are you wearing to work this week? Tell me in the comments

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