How to Wear A Deconstructed Shirt Dress


A shirt can be worn in almost an endless number of ways. This is something that's been proven right with one of the hottest trends of summer, deconstructed clothing. I've always been a fan of twisting and changing a piece of clothing to look nothing like it's conventional image and now it seems that deconstructed clothing is here to stay.

When I chanced upon this shirt dress on Koovs, I simply couldn't help myself. Yes, it isn't a streetbuy but I still took full advantage of their weekend 50% off sale and bought this as a little summer treat. So what does deconstructed mean? It means taking something apart and using the pieces to make something new, in the simplest sense. This dress actually has a skewed shirt collar that goes one shoulder and the buttons along one sleeve. These then continue along the bottom around the waist. All in all, its such an interesting piece with detailing that it immediately stands out. In case you guys don't think you're ready to spend so much in this trend though, I'm going to have a post up with wearing your normal shirt dress in interesting ways so stay tuned for that!

Deconstructed Shirt Dress: Rs. 799, Koovs
Adidas White Sneakers: Rs. 1000, La Judi
Sunglasses: Rs. 399, Sugarbox
Bag; Rs. 500, Koovs

Total Outfit Cost; Rs.2698 which is around ₤27

Photo Credits: Shruti Phulgirkar

For this look, I decided I wanted to keep things simple. I simply added a pair of white sneakers and sunglasses. Since the summer makes it near impossible to manage long hair, I decided to braid it (with a whole lot of help from my friend and photographer Shruti) and kept the accessories to a minimum with just a pair of rings and tiny earrings. The overall look is perfect in case you're planning a quick getaway this long weekend or just have a lazy day out with friends. 

In case you need some more pointers to find the deconstructed piece you invest in, here are a few tips! 

Tips to try out the Deconstructed Trend: 
  • While the deconstructed shirt is the most commonly known piece, it doesn't have to be! You can find skirts, trousers, even shoes with this trend thrown in subtly. 
  • Look for pieces that are already your favorites. If you love wearing shirts, try to find a deconstructed shirt. If skirts are your thing, go look for a skirt that's in a color that you love and then has a bit of deconstructed element thrown in. 
  • Look for pieces that spark joy! Honestly, if you don't feel joy looking at it, chances are you won't even wear it once.
  • DIY it! Yes, if investing in this trend is too big, try DIY. It can be as simple as moving a shirt pocket from its normal place to the bottom edge of the shirt. Or it can be as complex and cutting of the collar and reattaching it sideways. No matter what your skill level, there's a number of ways to try it out without spending a lot of money! (Tell me if you need a few DIY posts for this!)
And yes! I highly recommend trying this out once. Why? Because in the world of factory built clothing that scream minimalism and structured looks, its sometimes refreshing to wear something completely out of the ordinary and stand out! 

Have you tried a deconstructed piece? Did you love wearing it? Talk to me in the comments
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