Playing with Palazzos!


The city's been experiencing a chill recently, I found out that on certain days even jeans can't be cozy enough! This has made me find creative ways to stay warm and on trend at the same time! I give you palazzos! These have been around forever(I think they were invented in the 50-60s era) and honestly are a welcome relief from the skinny jeans/trousers that sometimes cut-off blood parts of your legs! To be honest, the ones I own aren't exactly palazzos but I like to think of them as such! I wore these with a thin pair of leggings underneath to combat the chilly breeze. Also, they're almost like teal which has become my new favorite color(since my birthday) although I can never seem to find enough clothes in it while shopping, but I digress.
I wore a light jacket with this when I went out but sadly it isn't in any of the pictures! I'l do better next time! Honest! The top is a basic black tee that i think everyone has in their closets and while most fashionistas might look down upon it, I think its one of the most versatile pieces I own! 
 I paired them with a red bag which has been used to death and I still can't seem to let go! This is my go to bag to brighten up any boring outfit! I need a few dozen more red bags like this one! I also think it really pulls the outfit together. What do you think?

Tee: Rs.350, Pantaloons
Palazzo Pants: Vintage
Bag: Rs.500, Linking Road, Bandra
Ring: Rs. 20, Train
Necklace: Rs.400, Bandra
Earrings: Rs.40, Train
Shoes: Tremode(Although you can't really see them!)

I've just realised the sizes of the pictures are all over the place.This is all thanks to my experiments in post-editing my pictures(yes i know I'm not very good at it). I promise I'm gonna find a way to fix this as soon as my exams(the most important ones in my life probably!!) are done! Do you have any winter dressing tips to combat our ping-pong weather? Don't hesitate to drop a comment! Till then, have a great week! 

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