#OfficeChic: 5 Ways to Upstyle your White Button Down Shirt


Can you believe we're already halfway through 2017! I can't! It seem that time's been flying away somehow and we seem to still be doing the same thing. However, how can blame us, when the same old looks so perfect! Today's outfit is actually a teaser to what's coming up for you guys. If you don't know already, let me give you some info. The Chiconomical Newsletter is your one stop guide to all those ways you can squeeze extra looks out of your wardrobe. Think you've got nothing to wear, think again!

A white shirt is forever a girl's go to for business ocassions but I know countless conversations where a shocked voice asks me with mild horror when I suggest they wear it to a party or the weekend brunch. "But, but.... isn't it too formal for the weekends?" they ask. Honestly, if you've got a knack for it, you can turn a plain old boring white shirt into a beautiful weekend piece. And yes, that's what I'm teaching you in the Newsletter this week. But enough of that, I'm sharing FIVE ways to wear a white shirt without being boring!

1. The Devil is in the Details

Honestly, it isn't just my #TheDevilWearsPrada influence talking, I honestly think that any outfit can be made unique by the details. The best way to wear a white shirt and not look boring is to look for those little details. I am a huge fan of getting a simple white shirt with key details that mean you can still wear a classic, and make a statement, simply by buttoning up a shirt. Yes, always remember, the devil is in the details and the details make the outfit!

2. Sleek and Sassy
Okay so you cannot actually afford to go buying white shirts with pretty details. Well don't you worry, we've got your covered. A white shirt can actually be elevated by what you pair it with. Yes, you've heard it a million times before but no really. Try pairing your white shirt with a fun bowtie like me or a statement necklace in bright colors that are a surefire way to chase away the Monday blues! Anything from a necklace to suspender can work to take your white shirt look from normal to unique. Remember, the accessory you choose is a definition of your personality!

3. Go Bold

When in doubt, go bold! I love wearing a long white button down and adding a few bold trinkets to make the look pop. There's nothing simpler than this when it comes to the classic white shirt. The possibilities are endless. You can add a few earrings like I did, or add a few random buttons to it's pocket. You could even use a bit of spare fabric in a bright color to add highlights, it's really all about your imagination. Go bold with colors and prints thrown in. Oh, and how is this a quick morning outfit you ask? Well my friend, you just superglue on the print/style for the day and you've got a new look! Yes, it's all about the quick fixes!

4. Twist To New

There are countless ways you can upstyle a white shirt, one of the easiest is to knot it up. Yet another way is to layer it under a dress. This is something we don't do nearly enough off and with windy rainy days just round the corner this is a great cheat to upstyle your white shirt. I know you're probably wondering if you'll boil in the layers but the trick is to find fabrics that work together. Think cotton shirt under a simple sundress. It's also a great way to use your weekend wardrobe and turn it into a work appropriate look.

5. Classic Chic

Finally, if all else fails, simply pair your shirt with classic pieces. You can't even really go wrong with a white shirt and pairing it with a statement piece such as a full skirt or a classic tux, you've got an outfit that makes a statement and still looks perfect for work. Pick a shirt that sparks joy in your heart and really, you'll be set to rule the world!

I hope these tips have helped you figure out your work outfit! I certainly loved sharing them! In fact, if you still feel you need more inspiration or just want to have a chat (any questions from the right way to tuck in a shirt to where to get one for less than 200 bucks, it's your direct line to talk to me), sign up for the Chiconomical Insider where you get access to TEN more ways to wear a white shirt absolutely FREE!!

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