3 Indowestern Navratri Looks: Red


Red is hands down the most favored color when it comes to festival dressing. In navratri, it is the color that representes the Mother Godess and everything strong and that invariably means you'll be seeing a lot of big bindi, hair flying looks on social media today. While I'm a huge fan of the big bindi, I wanted to give you something different. The idea of taking read and making it festive shouldn't be very hard. But then it's also the color that almost everybody I know shies away from because it's so strong. 'But it makes me look washed out' or 'It just doesn't suit me' are things I've heard enough of to last a lifetime. If you're one of these people, here are some super simple ways to wear red today with whatever you own.

1. Desi Power Dressing

The good thing about wearing red is that it's such a strong color on its own, you don't really need much more to turn it into a key piece for a strong outfit. A red blazer will be a lifesaver when you want to really stand out and make a statement. It's also a great accent piece when paired with western pieces in Indian prints. This croptop is the same as yesterday's post that I simply paired with different pieces to make the look more indo-western than Indian. If you work in an office that doesn't let you wear croptops, then you can easily replace this top with a shirt or a longer white top and till replicate this look.

2. Minimalistic Classics

Sometimes, minimalism is the best style. This is always true when it comes to wearing bold colors. This red outfit is something that I think almost every girl has worn at some point in their lives. A clean, simple kurta, a pair of dhoti pants or any pant variation you fancy and messy hair. Add a bold pair of earring or necklace to bring it all together and you've got a simple yet striking outfit. Btw, this kurta was actually a layering piece that went with this jacket from Big Bazaar.

3. Layered Reds

Finally, if you're a true banjaran, why not embrace the reds and wear them in multiple shades? I layered my red column maxi dress (this was such a steal at 50% off btw) with a long ethnic jacket from Ajio (yet another sale buy at 60% off) to get a bold yet interesting look. This is my favorite outfit from the lot (although the red blazer comes a close second) and if you are feeling rather bold, I'd say go for it and layer different shades of red together. Wear a bold lipstick too because you know what, those rules of fashion everyone talks about...they don't mean a thing!

Hope you all have an absolutely fierce day ahead! Can't wait to share the outfits for tomorrow with you all. Till then, for some more images and behind the scenes pictures, swing by my Facebook and Instagram

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