3 Ways to Wear Indo-Western This Navratri - Pink


Is there a girl out there who doesn't own pink? I'm guessing there's probably several. However I'm betting you'll be hard pressed to find a girl who hasn't ever tried pink! As we reach near the end of Navratri, I'm getting closer to thinking about reusing key pieces that I got for Navratri and incorporating them into your regular wardrobe.

Oh, in case you're wondering what the hell I'm talking about, here's a quick intro. Navratri is a nine day festival in India and I'm doing 3 ways to wear one color for every single day of the festival! If you fancy, you can check out the previous posts here (Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 | Day 4 | Day 5 | Day 6 | Day 7)

I remember a conversation with a girl in the office about this very same thing. Today's looks all have one core Navratri traditional piece, mixed in with wardrobe staples. There will be a special post up next week where I get into this conundrum, however, for today let's dive right into the lookbook!

1. Festive Workwear

When styling for this, I realised I haven't yet featured a single look in one of my favorite combinations. A co-ordinated separates look! Since practically everyone I know balks at the thought of wearing a blouse to work, I decided it had to demonstarted it's simple. Here, I paired by heavily embroidered blouse with high waisted palazzo pants and added a long jacket for a bit of structure (okay, it was really to hide the back of this blouse but it's still a good workwear layer). Ladies, it IS possible to wear your heavy wedding outfits to work, the trick is to layer it with more structured pieces to tone them down.

2. Fusion Swag

Full disclosure? I really couldn't keep my eyes open while I shot this look. Which is exactly why the sunglasses came out and while it was a completely unplanned addition, I couldn't help but title this look 'swag' inspite of finding the word way too frustrating. Anyway, this is the exact blouse that I wore before, only this time it's paired with dhoti pants and a scarf (you may remember this from my newsletter if you've signed up) as a turban. Lately, I've been into wearing scarves on my head (Hey Mumbai weather, thanks for giving me a reason to do it). The overall look is a very I don't care what you think of me, I'll rock my midriff exposing outfit without a care in the world!

3. Desi Damsel

Finally, after all the crazy looks, I had to give you a good girl outfit. For this look, I paired this printed ghagra (also seen here) with a tshirt that I knotted to convert into a croptop. A quick raid of mom's closet to get her pink dupatta and pinning my tassel earring as a maangtikka and we're done. A super simple outfit that can be thrown together at the last minute without any problems! This works with any skirt, dupatta and top really. And if you're feeling a bit bold, try going with just the top and ghagra!

And that's it for the day folks! Tomorrow's the last day of Navratri and also the last day of the series. I honestly struggle majorly with coming up with the content for tomorrow but it's still majorly interesting (atleast to me) and so I'd say you better swing by the blog tomorrow to catch the tail end of this crazy 3 ways series! In the meantime, give me a shoutout in the comments with what you'd like me to feature this festive season. Since we're going to be hit with a massive blur of festivities soon, if you have something on your mind, go ahead and ask and I'll definitely feature it on the blog! 

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