Baby Its Cold Outside: Part 2


First off, Its my Birthday today!! Yay!! Happy birthday to mee!!
This post was supposed to be put up yesterday, but since I was too busy talking to people on the phone (yes, working weekdays aren't very good for celebrating birthdays) I couldn't post it. Oh well, this wasn't really my birthday outfit, but I'l post birthday pictures tomorrow. (Honestly, there aren't that many, but more on that tomorrow)

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Dress: Primark, Gift from My darling Cousin
Tights: Borrowed from Cousin
Bag: Gift from a Friend
Ballet Flats: Rs. 750, Borivali
Necklace: Rs. 300, Bandra (Talk to me on Twitter if you want one!)

Total Outfit Cost: Rs.1050, which is around ₤10.  

You've all seen this dress if your a regular reader of my blog. Its absolutely adorable! I've worn it so many different ways and I still always manage to find newer ways. Yay!! Big high fives to my dear cousin for sending it to me! I kept the look simple and clean with just a simple long necklace that I picked up while shopping for a friend. It makes me feel like I'm a character in Doctor Who, or an old Sherlock Holmes story.

What have you been doing this Christmas Eve? Talk to me in the comments below. You can also find me on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for live updates of my Christmas! Merry Chirstmas!! 

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