4 Ways: How to Wear a Side Slit Top


Side slits. The current "trendy" thing to wear. Well, technically, we've been wearing side slits for years now in India. No? Don't agree? Think about all those long kurtis and salwar kameez sets. Yep, slits aren't something that's new to us. However, take a long tshirt with slits, and you've got a new trend everyone's currently excited about.

I personally wanted a front slit top, but since I haven't found one that rocks my boat yet, I decided to treat myself to this chic one from Spring Break. Now, as this is a trend piece, I decided I'd try and style it in a few different ways so that you can figure out if it works with your personal style aesthetics.

1. Side Slit Top + Shorts

Probably the most widely seen look at the moment, this is a great idea for all the end of the year music festivals that we've got lined up (yep, I wish I was in Mumbai for a few events).

2. Side Slit Top + Palazzos

Not ready to reveal that much leg at the moment? Why not pair the top with a pair of comfy palazzos for a covered yet trendy look?

3. Side Slit Top + Denims

Yep, another blogger favorite, all you need is a pair of denims and heels. I personally like the idea of cuffing the jeans to add to the laid back vibe

4. Side Slit Top + Prints

Give your denims a break and wear your side slit top with printed floral trousers or a floral skirt. Florals in darker colors and a pair of heels add a fresh new twist to your winter weekends.

So those are my looks using a simple side slit top. It just needs a little imagination and you can wear it for any ocassion. While in its tshirt form, it may not be very work appropriate, you can look for structured side slit tops if you do wish to wear it to work too. I personally think its a great addition to your weekend wardrobe. If you have doubts, you could try a quick cheat. Take an old boyfriend t-shirt and rip the side seams and re hem them separately. While this may not be as long as the conventional ones, you'll still get an idea if this is your style.

What are your thoughts on this trend?? Tell me in the comments! 

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