Weekends In Mumbai: The Lil Flea


A few of weeks ago, I found myself on the way to The Lil Flea with a couple of friends. Now, mind you, I usually don't like to spend my weekends at events like this as I have to travel and it interferes with sleeping (I like to sleep). But, a couple of invites and a salary deposit later, I decided to go have some fun.

Now, The Lil Flea has been around for a couple of years and its essentially a flea market (and I use that term loosely) which has a little something for everyone. With a couple of successful past editions, they've quickly established themselves as one of the cool things to do in Mumbai and Bandra. What do they offer at The Lil Flea? Shopping, food and music....what else do you need love?

So, lets get down to my experience. They do charge an entry fee for the flea market which is kinda sad as I feel it should be open to all. But, having said that, I think it was worth the entry fee just for the ambience. I loved the rustic and cosy feeling of the place. You could feel the excitement and joy there, I kid you not. Don't belive me? Okay, let me break it down for you into my top favorites things that you can look forward to there! (PS: A new edition is coming up very soon)

Food: Sweet, Savory and everything in between
Okay, no matter what the ocassion, food is always a good idea. And with a whole section dedicated to food stalls, there's something for everyone! I loved the little fruity drinks that everyone was carrying around and frankly they were one of the first things I noticed when I walked into the Lil Flea. While I was too busy hogging on things to bother with pictures, there's lots of finger food. Waffle House had a stall too, in case your dessert pangs strike.

Fashion: Shoes, Bags, Hats and everything in between..all the shopping you'd imagine!
Okay, lets face it, the whole point of a Flea market is the chance to shop for amazing fashion pieces. Let's just say The Lil Flea doesn't disappoint. With kitschy headbands, jewellry, handmade accessories (I'm obsessed with the dreamcatchers, see how I styled mine here) and lets not forget some ultra cool digital images and geeky badges stalls. I stocked up on badges for pretty much every show I love! Oh, and there were also some great designers but I tried to be a good girl and monitor my shopping.

Ambience: Music, lights, relaxation galore!
Finally, the third bit which is all important. The best bit is, (yes, I know said this already) the atmosphere. There's just such an energy around, that I dare you not to relax. The music performances are extremely good (I didn't really expect a great band) and the generous dose of fairy lights all around is just perfect. "We don't need more fairy light," said nobody, ever! Imagine a rustic evening, lit up with twinkling fairy lights as you enjoy a glass of iced coffee and a little bit of soulful music. A Perfect evening? Yes please! Check out the pictures to get a feel for it!

So do you wish you were there? Well, you're extremely lucky and a new edition of The Lil Flea is coming next weekend! Sadly I won't be in the city, but you can still catch it!

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