My Envy Box December 2015 Review


Since my experience with last month's Fab Bag, I decided to try out the various beauty boxes that are available in India. My second subscription (yes, I have around three for this month) was the My Envy Box. Basically, this is just another beauty box where you get 4-5 trial sized beauty products from luxury brands delivered each month. Read on to know what all I got.

As its the time for all those pretty red and white things, this month's box is aptly red and has some lovely party pieces. The December box was called the Be Your Own Santa, and I think they've sent some pretty decent pieces. Here's what I got....

Ananda Light Moisturiser for Normal to Dry Skin: Rs. 270 for 10g

I don't think anyone can have enough of moisturisers in December. This one for normal to dry skin is a decent sized sample and while I'm yet to try it, I think this is a handy little thing that I'll be carrying in my purse over the next few weeks.

O3+ Reinvent your skin whitening mask: Rs. 400 for 10 ml

This is a brank I've never heard about. While I'm not into whitening masks, I think this will come in handy on those days when you've spent the day running around in polluted cities. I couldn't find it on the My Envy Box website though, so that was a little disappointing.

Bioderma Matifiying Fluid for Combination/Oily Skin: Rs. 350 for 10 ml

I got this in two little tubes. Its paraben free and has SPF 30 which are two things that always make me happy. I have used it once but didn't see any visible effect. I shall post a review once I've exhuasted both my sample tubes.

Catrice Crushed Crystals Nail Laquer in Stardust: Rs. 445 for 10 ml

This is one of my favorite things in the box. A gorgeous shade that is perfect for parties yet muted so as not to be too loud and overpower your outfit. This is a full sized sample and I couldn't have been happier. Its gonna find a lot of use come New Years Eve.

Catrice UltraFine Ink Eyeliner (Black On Track): Rs. 660 for 6 ml

Yet another full sized product, I have to say I quite like this liner. I wore it to work on a particularly stressful work day (read incessant eye rubbing) and it managed to last quite nicely. Yet again, couldn't find it on the My Envy Box site, so was disappointed. Stay tuned for a proper review.

What the December My Envy Box Costs: Rs. 2125 
What I paid For The December My Envy Box: Rs. 667
(PS: I calcuated the price of my samples from the full prices mentioned)

All in all, I was very happy with this month's My Envy Box. It does keep with the theme for the month and I love the makeup products. The box itself has already been put to good use as a december gift helper and I think everything in this month's box is going to be liberally used through the month.

What what your experience with My Envy Box? Tell me in the comments below! 

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