December 2015 Fab Bag Review: Party All Night


December is here in all its glory with chillier evenings and crazy parties! It also got me a new city and a new fab bag to match. This month, the December Fab Bag theme is Party All Night. I got a chance to select my bag from the bags sent in the previous months and I decided to go with the golden red carpet bag to keep with the theme.

This month, the fab bag has actually made me a lot more happy than last month. The contents do make sense with the theme and I even have a favorite new makeup item! (Any guesses? You already know this if you follow me on snapchat!) Well, without further ado, here's what I got!

SUGAR Matte As Hell Crayon Lipstick + Sharpener: Rs. 799

My new found love and certainly the best item in this month's fab bag. I have used it once till date and I'm absolutely obsessed! I got the hot pink color which is called Mary Poppins and honestly I'm seriously considering buying the other shades (Yes, I know I'm not supposed to shop...hence the "considering"). It is completely matte, like the name suggets and at the same time, it doesn't dry out my lips. Oh, and the color lasts almost the whole day which is something I'm always looking for in a lipstick! Its absolutely a win win! If you wanna get one makeup thing this Chrismas, get this!

Kronokare The Frizz Kiss Cooling Explosion Lip Balm: Rs. 95

Winters equal chapped lips and that means you can never have enough lip balms. I haven't gotten around to trying this lip balm out just yet so you'll have to wait for a proper review. However, its silicone and paraben free which is always welcome when it comes to skincare. The price isn't heavy on the pocket so I think its a cool pocket friendly balm I'd consider once I'm dont with my current lip balm.

Spa Ceylon Green Mint Cooling Foot Scrub: Rs. 275 for 50 gms

This month we were asked to select one item we'd like to receive in our Fab Bag and since I knew I was going to be in a new city, I decided to get myself this foot scrub. Winters are harsh on my feet and add to that the fact that I'd probably be walking a lot while I explore a new city, this was a thing I thought would inspire me to take care of my feet. It looks and smells divine but yet again, I haven't used it.

Lever Ayush Hair Poshak Oil: Rs. 62.25 for 25 ml

Hair loss is something I've been grappling with for a few months now (thanks life!) and so the chance to try out a hair oil that claims to reduce hairfall in three weeks is welcome. I got a small bottle of 25 ml which is a little sad as I have really long hair and I'd probably finish the whole bottle in one go. Wish they'd given a bigger sample so as to really test the product, but I'm still happy to try this.

Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micelle Solution: Rs. 34.4 for 10 ml

After all the partying, its always important to get rid of the makeup before hitting the bed. So this little bottle of non-rinse, paraben free makeup removal solution was a godsend. I think the sample is going to come in quite handy once the month ends and the party season begins. I've heard good things about this removal solution, so I'm excited to give it a shot.

What the December Fab Bag Costs: Rs. 1265.65
What I paid For The December Fab Bag: Rs. 533
(PS: I calcuated the price of my samples from the full prices mentioned)

Overall, I like the contents of the December Fab Bag. I wasn't exactly pleased with the November Fab Bag so this was a definite improvement. I still have another month's subscription left so lets see if I am still impressed enough to renew it for the next year. If you still haven't ordered, I suggest get the December Fab Bag. The cost of the SUGAR lip crayon itself covers the cost and that's worth every penny. The rest, while it may not seem very exciting is still useful and can just be taken as added Christmas candy! 

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What are your thoughts about the December Fab Bag? Tell me in the comments! 

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