Looks For Less: 5 Fabulous Steals Under Rs. 500!!


As we get close to the end of the month, I'm pretty sure we're at the point where the money's almost run out but the month hasn't. However, if you still need to find some great deals but don't want to spend the dough then I'm your lady! Here's my compilation of fabulous steals, all online, all under Rs. 500. Yes, you're welcome! 

1. Ice-cream print Halter Neck Bikini Top: Rs. 330

Okay, if I had only a place to wear this to, it would already be mine! Nothing says summer like ice-cream and if its a print on a bikini, well, I don't think it gets more summer than this! I absolutely love the quirkyness of this print and the price is cheaper than most bras anyway. If you're going on a tropical holiday, get.it.now!!

2. Contrast Trim Maxi Skirt: Rs. 385

White skirts are a must for summers and the little bit of contrast details on this make it different from the regular heat beater skirts. This is a great piece that can be worn to the beach with that lovely bikini top I suggested up top or with a nice t-shirt to a casual weekend brunch. Either way, this skirt will probably cost less than your brunch anyway!

3. Orange Peplum Top: Rs. 400

Can't find a top to go with the skirt I suggested above? Well fret not, you can find a nice peplum top that can be worn pretty much to any ocassion. Really, I'm not kidding. A peplum can be styled for almost any ocassion depending on the pieces you pair it with. This is a bright piece that will earn its price a million times over!

4. Black Stone Bib Necklace: Rs. 400

Yes, you'll probably get it at a cheaper rate if you hit the streets. However, if you're reading this after a long day as you sit in your PJs and have Marvin Gaye playing in the background, you deserve to get yourself at a pretty necklace. Go ahead, get it now. It will probably be much cheaper if you're anything like me and can't stop yourself at just one piece when shopping on the streets.

5. Thong Sandals: Rs. 445

Yet another summer must-have, these thong sandals will be the perfect companion on your tropical holiday. Even if you aren't planning one, get these just for the fact that you feet need to breathe in summers and also, a perfect way to show off your neon nailpaint! These are a complete bargain and will make you and your feet happy through the summer!

PS: I do realise that most of the items on this list are from Koovs, but since they do have the nicest sales online when it comes to Indian audiences, I can't help but list them down! And no, Koovs has not paid me for this post, this is purely for the benefit of you all my lovely readers! 

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