May 2016 Fab Bag Review: The Summer Escapde


The May Fab Bag is themed summer escapde and while this is something I've been dreaming about since the start of summer, the bag doesn't exactly live up to its theme. This month, the Fab Bag comes in a neon green,clear plastic bag which simply reminnds me of the little pouches they sell on the local trains in Mumbai. It doesn't impress me that much but I do think it can be used to store your bath essentials, so it does have some reuse value.

Onto the products in this month's Fab Bag, lets take a look at what I got!

1. Nyassa Tea Tree Face Wash: Rs. 82.75 for 30ml

Tea tree face washes are a crowd favorite these days. While I've heard everyone I know rave about the Body Shop Tea Tree face wash, I really haven't yet tried it simply because I find the Body Shop products to be very expensive. Instead, I'd much rather find a street substitute for it and I think this face wash will be an interesting contender. This deluxe sized sample should be enough to give me a good idea about its results. So a good product in this month's Fab Bag.

2. Inveda Sunscreen Cream Gel: Rs. 250 for 75 ml
I've already raved about how much I liked the Inveda  BB cream when I received the sample sized product in last month's MSM box so of course I'm glad to get this in this month's fab bag. Its 100% veg, paraben free and isn't tested on animals! This is a product I think everyone would be happy with, no matter what type of makeup products they opt for.

3. Cuccio Naturale Butter Blend Duo: Rs. 302 for two tubes of 9.24 g each:
So body butter is something that everyone seems to have jumped on recently. This month in the May Fab Bag, I received two tubes of body butter, one in milk and honey and another in papaya and guava. I particularly like the delightful smell and travel friendly sized. The packaging is a little too strange for my taste and I am not very sure if giving a rich body butter is the right thing for a summer beauty bag.

4. Seasoul Dual Eyeshadow Palette (SS11): Rs. 900
The Seasoul eye palette is something I absolutely love in this month's Fab Bag. The colors are dark and light purple which I would never go out and buy on my own, That's why, its such a delight to receive this product and while I haven't tried it out yet, I'm just waiting for that nice dinner invite where I can take it out for a glam test run!

What the May Fab Bag Costs: Rs. 1534.75
What I paid For The May Fab Bag: Rs. 533
(PS: I calculated the price of my samples from the full prices mentioned)

And that's it folks! That's all I got in the May "Summer Escapade" Fab Bag. While its got some good items individually, like I said, I wasn't completely sold on the bag as a whole. Somehow, the theme didn't come through for me in the products and I honestly wish they'd made a little more effort to customise the bag to summer's needs. All in all, if you have a chance, you could give this month's bag a miss.

Have you ordered the May Fab Bag? Tell me what you liked in the comments! 

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