May 2016 MSM Box Review: Best Face Forward Edition


May has made us feel the very real fury of mother nature. Honestly, I don't think there's anyone out there who doesn't struggle with getting their best face forward in this fiery weather and that's why this month's MSM box has the perfect theme!

This month, the box comes packed full of goodies that sensible and extremely useful. Honestly, I've already started using atleast 3 things I received this month and that just goes to show how relevant it is unlike last month when I was just a little disappointed. Anyway, onto the goodies!

1. Sara Herbals Photoderm SPF 30: Rs. 275
This is pretty much a summer must have. A sunscreen is lifesaver and while I use only Neutrogena since I don't think any others suit my skin (horrible breakouts on using most till date) I do think I'll give this a try. Judgement reserved for now, but I can definitely appreciate the full sized product that goes to show the thought behind the packing this month.

2. Saante Rose Lip Balm: Rs. 250
Lips! Often ignored during summers till you have that not so pretty parched look. This little lip balm is the perfect size to slip into your bag everyday and looks lovely on the lips too. Also, just look at the color, isn't it the prettiest of pink?

3. Yves Rocher Sebo Vegetal Trio: (Purity Mask, Mattifying Gel and Zero Blemish Gel Cream): Rs. (13.33 + 17 + 160 ) ie Rs. 190.33
Okay, so this is definitely a luxury product in my book. I have never in my life tried any products from Yves Rocher and I'm almost too afraid to try these samples out since I feel I wouldn't even know how to use them correctly, let alone see their effects. However, I still will bite the bullet and do it and I know this is a pure indulgence item, atleast for me.

4. SoulTree Soap Free Face Wash, 30ml : Rs. 73.75
I've already started using this and do think I'll invest in a full sized product once I've finished all my face washes (I do seem to be adding to my stock these days!). This bottle came with me on my weekend trip with my officemates and gives you an instantly clean, fresh feeling. A definite winner for me.

5. Natural Bath & Body, Skin & Scent Duo: (Couldn't find the price, sorry folks)
I'm not exactly happy with this product but that could of course, just be me. MSM box gave me a face mist last month and if I think about using this with it, I'd smell like a garden, in a not very good way. So yes, this was a miss for me.

6. TIENS Intensto Kajal in Electric Blue: Rs. 395
So this month, I renewed my subscription and received a bonus product which is this electric blue eyeliner. Honestly, I tried it out and its a little too shiny for me, but hey, I've never had a blue liner so this is such a nice addition to my growing makup stock! Stay tuned to see me try it out soon in a look post.

What the May MSM Box Costs: Rs. 1184.08
What I paid For The May MSM Box: Rs. 465

(Note: I calculated the sample prices from the full sized price)

All in all, I'm very impressed with this month's MSM box. They've taken care of everything that could be needed to set forth you're best face this summer! I'd say you should definitely give this month's MSM box a try!

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