May My Envy Box Review: Tropical Beauty Edition


The May My Envy Box comes in an absolutely tropical looking box that instantly makes me want to ditch my boring life for a summer getaway. It's a bright yellow box with the nicest bird (I like looking at birds yes) and tropical flora and fauna on it. Well, that's my favorite part of the box this month! I really think they put in a lot of effort in every month's box and they're almost a collectible now.

Anyway, my tropical musings aside lets talk about the content of this month's My Envy Box.

1. Island Kiss Lip Moisturizer: Rs. 499 for 14 gm
This 100% natural, berry cheeky tint just screams summer. Right from the packaging to the distinct shade, its something any lady on a tropical holiday (dear god, let that be me please) should have in her carry-all. I somehow have a feeling I'm gonna try and use it on my cheeks too, just as a nice natural blush (Yes, I'm a little mental that way).

2. Gulnare Handmade Skincare - Seaflo Face Wash: Rs. 350 for 120 ml
Yes, another face wash. I do think I won't be needing to buy any face washes this year. I heard about Gulnare last month or so when I received it in my Sugarbox and so this full sized product is a welcome addition to my facewash collection. Handmade skincare...hmm....something that's a bit of luxury for a girl like me tbh but then I think the prices are quite reasonable too. What do you think?

3. Votre Botanical Toning Mist: Rs. 400 for 50 ml
Toning mist is something I've never used before. So this product that boasts about maintaining my skin's pH and give it a naturally toned refreshed feeling, is a nice novelty. Also, for anyone like me who simply can't keep track of all the cotton needed to use a regular toner, a spray on mist is a definite plus.

4. Roots and Above - Lemon Essential Oil: Rs. 75 for 10 ml
First of all, this bottle was already half empty/evaporated (?) when I received the box. Secondly, for an oil that's supposed to basically be a miracle cure for pretty much all problems a girl faces, its rather sticky and smelly. Yes, I know those are terrible things to judge a product on, but I can't even get past the strong smell of it to get myself to use it. A miss for me.

5. Kiehls Special Gift Voucher
So this is something I'm going to look forward to! This voucher promises a personalised skin consultation as well as free samples at my nearest Kiehls store. Well, I guess we all know what I'm going to be doing this sunday!

What the May My Envy Box Box Costs: Rs. 1324
What I paid For The May Envy Box: Rs. 750

(Note: I calculated the sample prices from the full sized price)

Overall, this month's My Envy Box was average for me. The content somehow didn't live up to the excitement created by the lovely appearance of the box. I am not very sure what I expected, but I somehow expected to instantly feel like I'm a tropical holiday by looking at the content which I did not. So yes, not as happy as last month. Still, a pretty good mix this month. Just wish they'd added maybe one more product.

Did you like this month's My Envy Box? Tell me in the comments below.

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