Finding Affordable Designer Wear Online At Shopresso


Labels are important. If you didn't have labels then you'd probably never figure out your baking soda from your baby powder. (yes, it can happen!) Well, similarly the current generation is obsessed with designer labels. Honestly though, its quite difficult to find firstly decent designers and secondly accessible affordable clothing by said decent designers. 

I initially found Shopresso during a store spotlight series I ran last year. However, my search for affordable designer wear led me straight back there. I was rather interested in slightly bohemian designs in bright colors for the summer. Somehow I narrowed down on this high waist biased skirt from Geetika Saharia and for the detailing involved and of course, the "designer" tag, this is quite a reasonably priced skirt. I also did a little exploring and found that Geetika's collection is quite lovely (yes, if someone could gift a couple of things from there this summer, I'd probably be your best friend).

I spoke to my dear friend Renu who own Shopresso since I felt I couldn't be the only one who was rather impressed by Geetika's designs. Turns out I'm right, she says that Geetika’s collection has done extremely well and has been one of the bestsellers there. Well, if funky designs are not your style, there’s plenty of choice for every occasion on the site. Whatever floats your boat, you’ll probably find it on the store. Oh, and with a designer tag aswell, isn’t it brilliant?!

Apart from affordable designer clothing, there's also a wide selection of accessories that will let you grab the most perfect outfit such as handbags, shoes, scarves and jewelry. I like the idea of splurging a little extra especially if its a special ocassion and its so simple to shop at Shopresso since you'll manage to put together your entire outfit at one go. A definite plus since you can rest assured that your entire outfit will appear together which doesn't always happen when you order bits from different stores. 

Oh, and for all the men out there. For a change, I have a store that has extremely decent items for you too! I absolutely love the black tux that's made to order for less than 10k! Seriously, I haven't seen custom made tuxedos in that price range, so big win! If you've got a special occasion coming up, I recommend visiting Shopresso once to see if you can get a whole outfit from the comfort of your home! 

Shopped from Shopresso Before? Tell me about your experience in the comments below! 

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