3 Navratri Outfits on A Budget : Green


Happy Navratri folks! It's day 2 and I'm so thankful for all the kind comments I've been getting for the last two posts. Go check out the last two posts here (Day 1 | Day 2).

I'm someone who actually doesn't own a whole lot of green pieces. So for this post, I wanted to use a more regular piece and show you how you can rock a simple kurta but still give it a bit of festive twist with how you style and accessorise it.

The thing is, I actually wear a lot of neutrals and the green pieces I do have are usually accent pieces or classified under camo print. So of course I decided to spend a bit more on th

 Look 1

This first look is actually dead simple! I lucked out by getting my hands on this Vajor dress that is made for twirling for only Rs. 1000. Yes ok, that might look like it's a lot to you but honestly, I can think of atleast 10 ways to style it so in my book, it's going to get a lot of wear.

If you don't have this dress, you can still create this look using a long maxi skirt. Remember, the trick is to get one that has a whole lot of flare. 

The rest of the look is fairly simple. I added a pair of jhumkas and a statement ring.

I'm a bit of a fan of nose rings. I added one since I can't quite go without over accessorising. Atleast according to my best friend anyway. But still, if you're someone who doesn't like too much fuss in an outfit, this is the look for you!

Look 2

This is a look that my mom didn't like but I thoroughly enjoyed. I'm a rather big fan of layering pieces. For this look, I decided to maximise the impact of the twirl by layering 
my pleated maxi skirt under it.

Since I like an almost gradient kind of a look, I layered the top with a bottle green long shirt that I tied at the front and added a single statment necklace to kind of tie it all together.

Yes, this might not be a look for everyone but if you are someone like me who likes to push the boundaries of what is socially acceptable, this look is for you!

Look 3

Finally, this is a super easy, you can literally get it in about 5 seconds with whatever you fancy kind of look. 

Since nothing says Navratri like a pretty bandhani print, I paired a dark green bandhani print dupatta with the kurta and then cinched in my waist with a kowri belt.

Now since my ankles were bare and I wanted to add a little bit of interest to an otherwise super simply look, I added a pair of ankle bracelets in the same kowri pattern. This is actually a part of a set that I've owned for several years now and it alwasy comes out every Navratri. 

If you're someone who doesn't like to buy a lot every time, I'd say invest in one of these, they're timeless and add a lot of interest to any casual outfit!

Those are the three looks guys! Cards on the table, I wasn't sure I'd be able to create these looks since I didn't have a lot to work with but I'm so proud of how it all turned out! I love every single look and hope that it shows you that you can reuse the same pieces over and over again and still create new looks!

Outfit Details 

Green Kurta : Rs. 1000, Vajor (bought on Sunday Sale, now available for Rs. 2499 on the store, buy here)

Green Bandhani Dupatta: Rs. 200, Part of a set from Surat

Mint Maxi Skirt : Rs. 290, Aliexpress

Dark Dreen Shirt : Rs. 100, H&M Sale

Earrings : Rs. 50, Streetseller in Borivali

Ring : Rs. 250, Janpath Online (buy here)

Gold Statement Necklace : Rs. 400, Colaba Causeway

Kowri Accessories : Vintage

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