3 Navratri Outfits On A Budget - Sunshine Yellow


Hello you lovely people! We're back and it's Day 2 outfit ideas and I'm over excited! Yellow is such a beautiful colour and while I always think that I look a little washed out in yellow, we're taking the style challenge and getting our Garba gear on! So first things first, I did this massively popular Yellow dupatta styling for Navratri last year and you guys, you HAVE to go check it out! It's one of my all-time favorite posts!!

Look 1

This look is all about getting your draping on and still wearing something that's super comfortable.

I love taking an completely western outfit (the base of this look is literally a tank top and a pair of trousers) and then added that one hero piece that simply screams Indian.

My best friend got me this phulkari dupatta and I was dying to add it to a post. For this look, all I did was drape it the way you would for a regular lehenga. The way you do this is that you tuck it and drape it the way you would a regular saree. Next, pleat it at the other end and then wrap it around your neck. Finally, add a couple of pins to secure it in place and you're done!

PS: This outfit is actually perfect for people who like to dance a whole lot during Navratri!

Outfit Details

Tank Top |
Rs. 200, Zara from Hill Road

Paperbag Waist Trousers |
 Rs. 250, Hill Road, Bandra

Earrings | 
Rs. 699, Pipa Bella Sale 

Bangles |
Rs. 100, Mumbai Locals

Headband in Look 1 |
Rs. 50, Hill Road, Bandra

Dupatta for Look 1|
Gifted by Best Friend, bought in Chandigarh for Rs. 500

Dupatta for Look 2 |
Rs. 250, Surat Street Market

Vest for Look 3 |
Gifted by a Friend, usually found for about Rs. 200

Headband in Look 3 |
Rs. 150, Dubai Desert Safari

    Look 2

This look is actually a major throwback to last year's 3 Ways to Wear Navratri Post where this yellow dupatta made it'sfirst appearance.

I absolutely love this dupatta and I kinda wanted to get it back this year. But the, what are we gonna do that we didn't do last time? 

Well, I decided to go a little tribal and used it as a one shoulder top.

Now the way to get this look is to knot it on the side and a whole lot safety pins. Of course, you definitely need to wear your favourite vest preferably in the same colour to avoid any possible peek-a-boos!

Look 3

So the final look is actually honestly this great only because of the headband. This is for anyone who goes to the Navratri party straight from work (because let's face it, we've all done that and that's actually what 80% of the people who can afford expensive Navratri parties do).

To create this look, all you need is literally that holy grail of bohemian chic, the embroidered vest and you're all set!

While this headpiece adds a hole lot of drama to the look, you can actually switch it out for a pair of nice long earrings and an updo instead and look just as good! Honestly, the vest trick is something you definitely had used at some point if you had last minute Navratri plans and had nothing to wear!

That's it folks! I hope you liked these looks and will recreate them in your own way.

In case you still need a bit more style inspiration, go ahead and check out my other posts about styling yourself for Navartri on a budget. You can see Day 1's Look HERE.

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