Navratri on a Budget : Three Ways to Wear Grey


Hello folks! Today's Navratri colour is Grey and I absolutely love grey. For today's post the hero piece is actually a Saree. Now I know you're saying, whoa, a saree for Navratri?! But how would we dance in these? Well read on to know more folks!

All of the looks I've got for you today are actually looks that I quite possible might love more than all the other lookbooks out there. Plus, a few of these actually work in non-navratri settings aswell with a few different accessories. Let me know if you need some pointers on that!

Look 1

I know this is a bit out there with it's multiple element but bear with me. While I love dupattas and might be slowly building a huge hoard of those but that's not the point.

Try giving the conventional dupatta a swap out with a printed jacket instead. This beauty is actually a second hand buy and I think the print is so quirky and fun it ties the whole outfit together!

Now, since I didn't have grey skirt, I pleat wrapped my grey saree around a maxi skirt. This is a great trick and I actually use it to try and get more use out of sarees. Yes, if you're like me, these pieces are special occasions and it always helps to get interesting ways to get more use out of them

Then finally, I added accessories cos ahem, let's face it, it's me. The complete look is honestly something I would wear to an event. It's different and unique and absolutely me!

Look 2

If you're somebody who doesn't think they'd be comfortable in all the skin exposed when you wear a saree, here's my take on solving this problem.

Why not swap out the blouse with a long top instead?
Here, I added a thrifted grey one shoulder top in place of the regular blouse and then wore the saree with a long pallu.

Now, since I sometimes find that the pallu gets in the way, I wrapped it around the top in order to give myself a bit of a cinched in waist and then pinned it at the shoulder.

The overall look is actually just a fun take on the normal saree. I'd highly recommend adding a few pins to make sure everything that you think might slip off is in the right place. The rest of the look is fairly simple with just a statement necklace and a cuff.

Outfit Details

Grey Saree : Rs. 1480, Suta (buy here)

Minion Blazer : Rs.1860, Quirkbox bought second hand

Pink Vest : Rs. 100, Colaba Causeway

Grey Croptop: Rs. 450, Splash (lots of similar ones at Linking Road Bandra)

One Shoulder Top: Rs. 200, Thrifted

Necklaces: Rs. 300, Borivali Streetseller

Statment Ring: Rs. 250, Janpath Online, Buy here

HandCuff: Rs. 50, Mumbai local trains

Look 3

This final look is just so simple. Now if you feel like me and need to feel more secure while you dance in a saree, you should definitely try this. 

This look is quite simple but the wrap is actually the reason why I can literally do a ballet move in this and feel completely secure. The statement blouse adds to the drama of the look and honestly guys, these Suta sarees are amazing if youre somebody who like's to drape and still feel super comfortable. 

The rest of the look is completed by my Janpath online accessories that are so minimal and chic I absolutely love them!

And that's the three looks folks. I am so happy with how different but fun all of these turned out. Guys if you do try any of these style ideas out, please make sure to tag me in your photos.

I absolutely love seeing how other people interpret these in their own way. Use the #Chiconomical with your images to get featured on my posts!

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