3 Navratri Outfits on Budget : Red Trousers


Red is my favorite colour and that's just what the problem was when it came to creating the looks for this post! You know those times when you have several pieces in a single colour and then you can't decided which one to pick? Yea, that is exactly what happened to me and I wanted to go away from the regular saree route (although there is a saree look here cos well, it's Navratri and it's all about wearing whatever I want!). Well anyway, so instead of going the traditional pieces route, I picked a pair of high waist red trousers that I am obsessed with and paid full price for because they're just.that.amazing!

Look 1

For the first look, I actually took a simple kurta and then belted it with the belt that came along with the trousers. Mom would possibly have asked me to add a dupatta to it but I quite like how simple and practical this outfit it. I like the drama the kurta causes thanks to being folded and belted instead of being left to lie in it's norma state.

For accessories, I just added a pair of jhumkas to complete the look. 

A bold red lip might seem like too much red for this look (in fact that's exactly what I was told by my folks) but that's the beauty of style. 

Your style can be anything you feel like on that day.

Look 2

Okay, this is definitely a bit out there and I'm sure a lot of you might be a bit weirded out by what this look is. Personally, I actually enjoy wearing pieces that nobody would consider putting together in a single outfit.

For this look, I swapped out the regular top for an embroidered 'navratri' appropriate choli and then added a scarf (psst...this scarf is actually a part of look 3 too).

I think the hot pink and the red trousers make for such an interesting colour block and the embroidery gives it some needed festive flair.

The best part about this look, you can literally jump and dance and not have to worry for a moment about anything slipping off or showing through. I'd love to know if this is an outfit that you'd wear!

Look 3

Like I'd hinted before, I couldn't have ended this red series without a saree look. This saree is not completely red but has the most amazing ikat pattern. I wore it as a half saree because I find that to be the most comfortable in cotton sarees. 

You can also wear it as a wrap saree (honestly it's totally upto you) if you like but I wanted to show off the trousers too.

To make sure it doesn't fall off me (yes, I have nightmares about that) I added the red belt on top of the pleats and kept the pallu fairly short. 

The 'blouse in this look is actually a scarf that i wrapped as a blouse. There are several ways you can do it, I just wrapped mine as a tube top and then let the excess fabric drape down on one side. 

Outfit Details

Red Trousers: Rs. 2790, Zara (buy here)

Kurta : Rs. 450, Ajio

Saree: Rs. 1200, Ajio (buy here)

Embroidered Blouse: Rs. 500, Surat, Gujarat

Statement earrings: Rs. 250, Janpath Online

Earrings in look 1: Part of a gift, usually found for about Rs. 200 at Colaba Causeway

Dupatta: Rs. 100, Local Train

Durga Earrings: Rs. 250, Janpath Online

Durga Statement Ring: Rs. 20, Janpath Online

That's all I have for you today folks! I hope you enjoyed these looks. If you did don't forget to share your favorites in the comments below!

If you'd like to see more looks then you can see the previous day's looks using the links below and the looks from previous years here (it's got lots of timeless looks so I'm sure you can find something inspiring!)

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