Navratri on A Budget : 3 Ways to Wear Orange


Guess what. I STILL don't own a lot of orange pieces. Navratri always has a day when you're too wear orange and this is the day I end up getting cold sweats over because man, no matter how hard I try, I don't always get orange that won't make me look like a bad pumpkin. So for today's Navratri post, we're actually use the SAME skirt as last time (which reminds me that you should go see that post too) and creating 3 more ways to wear it. Navratri is about wearing more of what you love and celebrating the women in your life and less about spending money on pieces you'll wear but only once. So who's with me??

Look 1

Do you have a piece that you don't quite use everyday? For me it was this bandage dress that I indulged in but then wore exactly one time.

Who else remembers the bandage dress trend?
I remember I spent an arm and a leg and then some to get my hands on one, only to realise it was meant for curvier girls and bones and no boob girls like me just can't really look like Kim Kardashian in these. But that's a story for another time.

For this look, I decided to chop off it's bottom half and use the top half as a blouse. The rest of the look is fairly simple. The top is a statement piece in itself so I didn't want it to look like it was a bit too much. A pair of statement earrings and a few rings and it's that minimal outfit that's orange but still striking enough to take to the Navratri party.

Look 2

So guess what, the last look exhausted all the orange tops I own. But then just because you don't have pieces doesn't mean you cant create an outfit.

For this look, i stole borrowed from mom. I used the same trick that I'd used last year to create this look and voila, there's a dupatta converted into a top! I absolutely love how this transformation turned out. All you need is a couple of pins and you've got yourself a new top.

I added a belt to of course bring in the waist the kept the rest of the look fairly simple. These statement pompom earrings are such a favorite and I wish I could find the store for you but I can't since I bought them off a store on Spoyl that's now since changed it's model. If you do find similar things, do tell me!

Look 3

Okay, so I might have cheated a little bit for this look. If half of the outfit is still the colour you like it counts right? Well, we're making it count so oh well.

For this, we've got yet another dupatta hack. I turned this classic embroidered dupatta into a jacket. All you do is knot it halfway lengthwise and then wear it as a jacket.

Really, it's that simple. I personally think this is a great way to give a fresh new twist to those regular dupattas. It also honestly saves you save a few bucks on buying new jackets.

Of course, I couldn't just end there and decided to wear a broken earring as a maang tika. This is actually a great trick to get some use out of your earrings that somehow get separated or just break but are still pretty and you can't part with them! Try using them as charms or badges!

Outfit Details

Orange Skirt: Rs. 200, Linking Road, Bandra

Orange and Pink Dupatta: Borrowed from Mom

Maroon Dupatta: Rs. 250, Surat, Gujarat

Kowri Belt : Vintage

Earrings: Rs. 500, Pipa Bella

Vest : Rs. 100, Colaba Causeway

Well, I hope you liked these three looks. I honestly think I need to get a few more orange pieces in my wardrobe (Send me some maybe?). If you like, you can go check out the last few days' posts at the links below :

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