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How many of you know about the new one of a kind, India's first, video magazine called Lakme School of Style? With Karan Johar at the helm, I'm sure many of you must have seen him on hoardings or ads or on social media, talking about it. I first saw a street hoarding on my way back home from work. Exhuasted as I was, I saw it, thought about it for a few minutes, and promptly forgot it.

 However, the new activity on BlogAdda brought that evening back in sharp focus. After signing up for it, I went and checked out the Videos on the 'magazine. And can I just say, it's so helpful! While I may be a fashion blogger, but I still keep getting inspired from other people all the time! After trolling through almost all the videos (Karan Johar does manage to make me laugh at times!) I came up with my two favorite ones! Inspired by the chic style tips given by the fabulous Nishka Lulla and Nilu Thappa, I decided to style myself in similar ways.

So here's the first video, that was my inspiration for a Boho Look.

I don't have a very bohemian style anymore and this meant I didn't have a lot of "boho chic" clothes in the closet. However, instead of investing in new pieces, I decided to style the ones I did have and come up with two different looks. Here's the first one....

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I saw the video what really gelled with me was her talking about taking inspiration from the 70s. While I agree with her that maxi dresses and skirts work really well for a bohemian look, I rather liked the idea of pairing a shorter dress, if only to show off the gladiators. This look would work even better with a pair of tan gladiators. I paired it with feather earrings, slightly funky sunglasses and lots of wooden accessories and bangles. I love Niska Lulla's style and designs, and while I can't exactly afford them, this video gives a lot of cool ideas to style yourself the boho way. I look forward to more such masterclasses with her! 

The next look's inspiration is this fabulous video by the lady behind BigHairLoudMouth, Nilu Thapa. She has such a positive energy, you can't help but feel excited about the looks she's put forth!

While she styled a boxy crop top, I wanted to style my fitted t-shirt crop top because I think that anyone can probably have one of those in their closet. If they don't, all it takes is an old tshirt and a pair of scissors to get one! 

I took inspiration from her third look and styled my croptop with a high waisted printed skirt. I think the floral print is bang on for summer and because I was so inpsired by the first video already, I added a little boho headband and kept the accessories minimal. This look would work well even with a pair of printed pants like Nilu said (must style it that way soon!). The strappy gladiators that never seem to leave my feet these days, gave it yet another summer dimension. I personally loved the last LBD look in the video. While I don't have a similar skirt, I think its a great way to get some more use out of the basic crop top. 

Finally, I thought it would be cool to do a sort of combined inspiration from both these videos. I styled the same crop top, in a sort of gypsy, yet everyday wearable look. (Excuse the out of shape body, I really need to start getting in shape now). 

This look is sort of a fusion of the tips from both the videos. The crop top and jeans combo has been done before, I simply added a long jacket and added a jute bag. To make this look more boho, you can always stack mismatched bangles instead of wearing only one like me. Add a few layers of necklaces instead of a long one, and you have a look that can work as everyday and boho at the same time! 

I think that the #LakmeSchoolofStyle is a rather interesting new way to make fashion accesible to masses. As a blogger who is always trying to get regular people to try different things, I think this channel is the step in the right direction. Oh, and did you know, they have videos about life and relationships too! Its not all just pretty clothes and makeup people. Go check them out now! Don't forget to tell me about your favorite video in the comments below!

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