Stripey Saturday: Stripes Wishlist


Today on Stripey Saturday, I thought of doing something different. Instead of the usual outfit post, I thought it would be a good idea to do a sort of striped round up. While I have quite a few striped things already, I still have a lot few on my wishlist that I hope to check off soon.

Here are my top wishlist things! Almost all pictures are from Pinterest or Instagram!

Striped Swimsuit
.bathing suit swimwear swimsuit summer beach bikini black white Beautiful one piece swimsuit. I can't wait for summer!!! I love all the retro swim wear coming out this year!
Both images via Pinterest, here and here

Not a lot of people know this, but I'm a serious swimmer. Swimming is pretty much the only sport I can do (anything that requires hand eye co-ordination will make me look like flappy bird). So this swimsuit is top of my wishlist. Stripes, one-piece, monochrome, not to mention the bust enhancing stripes (I've been shrinking all over recently, thanks stress!) Perfection.

Striped Crop Top
High waisted black skirt and striped crop top: modern day parisian style
from here
Croptop, Zara Red Heels
from here

I've been searching for the perfect stripped crop top forever. While I almost found one on a recent trip, it was simply too expensive and I couldn't get myself to buy it. The hunt still continues. There's just something very Parisian about pairing a striped croptop with a high waisted midi skirt. If you find a good striped crop top, don't let it go! They're going to be a major investment for the upcoming summer days! 

Striped Heels
Christian Louboutin Striped Shoes | Photo by Gina & Ryan Photography, Shoes by Christian Louboutincabana striped Manolo Blahniks Photography by Hillary Maybery Photography / #Shoes
via here and here

Its shocking how I have nothing with striped to adorn my pins. I somehow always end up buying black or nude heels as they go with everything. However, a pair of stripey shoes would be that one indulgence piece I'd love to own. 

Striped Two Piece

 Beyonce. Matching striped crop top and high waisted pencil skirt, bowler hat and red pumps
Via Pinterest, link here and here

Two piece sets are really another thing on my wishlist. While I can imagine endless variations mixing and matching those pieces, just look how gorgeous they are together. Also, while on the topic of these pictures, I wouldn't really mind a body like Beyonce while we're at it!

Well, that's it! I did have a few more things on my wishlist, but we'll save them for some other time! 

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