#StartANewLife with Housing.com


Everybody has a dream about the future. You look up to the sky and wish for a million things. Life however, doesn’t exactly give you what you dream of. Now I know you have all seen the last post about #LookUp stories (if you haven’t check it out here). Housing.com is one of those fun, upbeat startups that have a whole new outlook towards life. I got a little insight into their in the video below.

Now they have another campaign where they want to talk about change. Everybody, at some point in their lives has been scared, and has still taken a bold step. You may not have realized that was the case, but your decisions helped you #StartANewLife. Personally, I haven’t yet made a major decision such as moving into a new house, although I do hope I can one day soon accomplish that. However, I did make a single decision about three years ago that set the ball rolling in a million different new directions. I figured this was a good place to talk about a few things that happened.

So about a couple of years ago, I graduated with fairly good grades and a “campus placement” job offer. I was obviously excited about earning but at the same time, I wasn’t happy with just a job. I always knew I wanted to study further and while I was encouraged to pursue education abroad, it didn’t really fit into my goals. A week before the supposed start of the job, I decided to reject it. I decided to take some time to decide what my future should be and prepare for it. Of course it was big, I rejected a paid job. I was told horror stories about how it is almost impossible to find a new job and even more impossible to get into the best institutes for further education. Well, as it turns out, I appeared for the entrance exams for post graduation, and I didn’t get into the college of my choice. I didn’t want to settle for the second best, and hence I decided to work for a little while and prepare for the entrances again. So did it work out the second time?

Me at inside my institute. 
Yes! I managed to get into one of the best institutes in my field. However, that wasn’t the real surprising outcome. In all the time between refusing the job and getting back in to academics, I did a few different things. One of them, was starting this blog. I sometimes wonder what my life would be like if I had taken the regular path. For one, I know I never would have started blogging, I wouldn’t have had the time. So am I happy now?  Oh I couldn’t imagine my life without all the people and places I have seen in those years. Yes, I lost a few friends during my “downtime” as I liked to call it, but then, if they couldn’t be there by you, they weren’t your friends anway. And truly, one decision gave me a whole new beginning. I find that blogging and my education, both give me equal joy.  One small thought of wanting something different, and I assure you, you will see the most unexpected joys of life. 

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