Stripey Saturday: Colored Stripes


First of all, there have been a few issues with posting my pictures on the blog, so this week's Stripey Saturday post is a little late. I apologise. That being said, lets get on with it! Now I don't know about you guys, but somehow, when people say stripes, I always end up thinking stripes in monochrome. While this is true for most striped things that people remember, I rather think its good to feature something that add a bit of color to things! This dress is such a pretty, simple, weekend outfit that I just had to show it on the blog. I've worn it a number of times already during the start of "winter" last December and with a pair of tights as seen here, its quite cosy.

Striped Dress: Rs. 350, Colaba Causeway
Necklace, Flats: Gifts from a friends
Bag: Given by Sister
Belt: Rs. 200, Hill Road
Tights: Rs. 400, Forever 21, Mumbai

Total Outfit Cost: Rs. 950, which is around ₤9.5

Photo Credits: Sirshendu Arosh

I like pairing inherently western outfits with Indian accessories. This necklace has been my 'little quirk' piece ever since my friend gifted it to me. While it works well with traditional kurtis and sarees, it also looks interesting with dresses like this one, or tucked under a crisp white shirt. The dress is a couple of sizes too big for me, but then this is exactly why I bought it. A oversized dress is great for those days when you need to hide a gluttonous night. 

On a different note, I apologize for having all the pictures in the same pose. You see, we decided to shoot this on a particularly windy day and standing at any other angle meant hair in mouth pose. Not exactly what you'd all be interested in, I'm sure.

 Also, here's wishing all you ladies out there, a Very Happy Women's Day!! 

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