Through the Looking Glass: Style Choices in 2013 (May to August)


This is part two to my round up of my top outfit picks from the year gone by. I remember vaguely that I spent a good part of these months worrying about my education. I worried about where I would end up, whether I made the right decisions with my life, and other such serious things. However, I also remember that all of this was finally settled and by the first of August, I was spend all my days in Uni trying to catch up with all the deadlines that were back in my life with a bang.

So I didn't have even a single post up in May (Haw! Bad blogger!) since I was literally running round the country trying to get into the Uni of my choice. But I did manage to compensate for that but posting all the long overdue Lakme Fashion Week posts in June. (Weren't those fun!) Come July and August, I got serious about blogging. It was extremely hard to pick my favorites (especially from August) but here are a few highlights.
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This braid wasn't done by me, but its absolutely fabulous! See more braiding here

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This playsuit was a winner for all those warm summer days on the beach. Read the complete post here

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This pleated skirt is the star of my wardrobe. Read post here

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Mint. Jumpsuit. Need I say more! Read post here

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This was such a cool look! One of my favorites this year! Read the complete post here

monochrome, globus pants, globus jacquard trousers, jacquard trousers, vero moda white top, white top, street shopping, what to buy in mumbai, thrifty shopper
This is one of the very few out of the house posts. A definite reason for making the list. Also, how cool is monochrome! Read the complete post here
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And finally, this dress has a lot of flaws, but still rocks my world! Its that perfect cross between East n West. Read the complete post here

What were your favorites this year? Talk to me in the comments below. You can also catch me on Twitter and Facebook

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