Grey Peacock


I've never really been a big fan of feathers. The only kind of feathers I used to like are the ones you can use write letters where you pretend your Shakespeare successor. (I have a few real peacock feathers I've inherited from my grandma that I used to try and write with!). But recently, I've discovered the joy of wearing feathers as fashion accessories (read earrings) and they're so lightweight its a relief to my poor skin! (my skin's allergic to all kind of dust...go figure!)

I seem to become overly conscious when the timer is ticking. :/

Note to self, learn to post better.

So continuing in the tradition of wearing feathers, I give you today's dress. (Read about my previous styling attempts here). I didn't even remember I had this in my closet till I stumbled upon it a while back during a shirt-hunt. And I have to say, as far as monsoon dresses go, this falls under the ideal category. The material is a polyester-cotton-linen blend which dries out in minutes, the length just right and the neckline, oh so pretty! The print is a little abstract and that makes it interesting enough for me to imagine I'm an ageing peacock. (okay, maybe not a peacock, but a sparrow maybe? Oh wait, are any of those gray?)

I tried a different setting in this picture. Again, I seem to be stuck in one pose. 

A not very nice attempt to show the hairband. 

I love how this picture turned out for some reason!

I kept my hair simple because I think sometimes, its just not worth the effort it takes to fix it (how lazy am I!?) A messy bun can be made chic by adding an interesting hairband. In my case, I was hoping that the shiny diamonds in my head distracted people from the fact that I hadn't bothered to sort out my hair. The earrings are an impulse buy (which my best friend opposed) and the clutch is a gift from a cousin. Overall, a quick outfit that doesn't take more than 5 minutes to put together.

Take note of the pretty detailing on the earrings! 

Dress: Rs. 300, Hill Road, Bandra
Shoes: Rs. 350, Hill Road, Bandra
Earrings: Rs. 20, Train
Hairband: Gift, from aunt
Bag: Gift, from sister

Total Outfit Cost: Rs. 670, about 7.50!

Do you have any quick fix outfits? How do you sort out bad hair days when you can't/won't use hair-styling products? Talk to me in the comments. You could also catch me on Twitter or Instagram.

 PS: I've recently started using Pinterest and I have no clue how it works tbh, so if your on there give me a shoutout, or...umm...whatever it is that you do there.

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