Of Red, White And Blue...Inspiration for 4th of July


I've got a few friends who've gone to the States to pursue higher education. One of them recently asked me what she should wear for the Independence day celebrations. Now, first of, I was quite flattered because it made me feel like a cool fashionista offering her advice. Secondly, the whole discussion made me feel like dressing up so this post is my take on the red, white and blue trend that always crops up around this time.
I paired a nautical skirt with a simple white silk blouse and added a little bit of red with my belt. Simple and functional!

So the lighting hasn't been good lately(thank you rains), hence heavily edited.

I'm having a bad hair day!

Weird blogger pose attempt fail!

I love how twirl-able this skirt is!!

Although you can't see it, I'm wearing blue-with-white polka dots flats.

Did you notice my teeth?

This bag is one of my go-to and I've gotta find its replacement soon! See how I styled it here.

I would've done a twirly pose if the pictures weren't on timer!

Possibly the only picture I'm not showing off my pearlies in for the day!

This Globus belt is amazing! See how I've worn it differently here.

I love that this skirt has deep pockets! And how cool is that ring?!

Silk Blouse: Rs. 300, Hill Road, Bandra
Skirt: Rs.600, Topshop from Fashion Street
Ring: Rs. 30, Trains
Earrings: Rs.150, Archies, Bandra
Belt: Gift, Globus
Polka dot Flats: Rs. 300, Hill Road, Bandra
Bag: Rs. 500, Linking Road, Bandra

Total Outfit Cost: Rs. 1880...about ₤22

I kept the jewellery to a minimum since the rain and heat give me a major rash if I wear any kind of necklaces or heavy earrings or bracelets. I bought this skirt as a part of my obsession with all things nautical and everytime I wear it I feel extra girly! The length(or the lack of it) makes it pretty good for the rains. 

On a side note, I've been in love with this red bag(see how I wore it differently here) and really really want a replacement for it since its started to show lots of signs of wear. Somehow, I can't find another one as good as this. Any ideas where I can get one? 

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