Stripes and Monochrome


Some rainy days, you can't take the effort to figure out interesting combinations of  things in your wardrobe. At times like these, like a million others, I fall back to my wardrobe staple...aka stripes. And when its raining like there's no tomorrow, a quick drying skirt is all I need to look cool and feel comfortable. The fact that the outfit turned monochrome  was a happy coincidence. (Don't you love it when you can check two of your favorite trends together!)

Remember this striped t-shirt I'd got from Bandra a few months back? (If not, you could read about that here). I paired it with a skirt because jeans are a no-no unless I'm going to college (in which case its the only thing I'm allowed to wear other than Indian clothes). This skirt is very dear to me since it originally belonged to my sister who passed it on to me when she got married. It was custom-made for her and since we're about the same size it fits me like a glove, has interesting detailing and not to mention dries in seconds!!

Striped T-Shirt: Rs. 150, Gazebo, Bandra (as seen here)
 Pleated Maxi Skirt: Gift, DIY
Necklace: Rs.200, Borivali
Ring: Rs. 20, Trains
Shoes: Rs. 350, Hill Road, Bandra
Bag: Rs. 300, Hill Road, Bandra

Total Outfit Cost: Rs. 1020, about 10!

The bag is an impulse buy that I wanted to give a DIY makeover to. However, that never really panned out, so till then I'm using it as a simple white accessory. Any ideas of DIYs you've done on bags? Send me your links in the comments. You could also send me your pictures on TwitterInstagram or Pinterest

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