Mid Week Moaning


Hello blogosphere! How has your weekend been? Did you enjoy elaborate dinners and fancy outings and dreamy drives in the rains? I hope you did! I've had one of those weekends from hell, courtesy of my friendly neighborhood dentist (amazing what references kiddie shopping gets into your head!) who decided it was time to remove a particularly irritating tooth (I've been a regular at the dentists since my teeth decided they couldn't be bothered to stand in line). Result, well, I've had a bloody (and I mean literally!!) hole in my mouth which means I can't eat anything too hot, spicy, hard or in general, anything tasty. Blegh!

If your planning on giving me the 'but dentists do it for your good' speech, I've heard it from all of my dentist friends (oh, the joys of having dentist best friends!). Anyway, its the middle of the wekk now, and all of the above Still applies to me, alongwith a rather horrible fever! I'm still in my I hate dentists phase, still in pain, and still need to work! Oh, and did I mention, your supposed to eat ice-cream after extractions but since I have a fever, I can't seem to eat anything but air!! (H.E.L.P)

So I had planned a few amazing outfits for this week (It was my brother's birthday!) but since I was working like crazy behind the scenes at his birthday while battling sickness, I simply didn't have the time! Here's an outfit I wore last week though, on my first every airplane ride (Say what?!) and again a couple of days after that on a gift shopping trip with the same brother! Remember when I wore it a few days back here?

Sorry for the crappy selfie in the changing room picture! Promise I've got much bigger and better things coming up (As soon as my head decides to come back to room temp!) Till then, its re-runs of Grey's Anatomy, lots of moaning, eating cold porridge and dreaming of better days from the bed.

PS: Do you think I should buy those trousers I'm wearing in this picture? Let me know via the comments below or on Twitter

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