Dots And Bows


I wrote my last post (you can read it here) about dressing for girls who don't want a Marilyn Monroe moment when they're out and about town (that's quite a real possibility thanks to the windy rains we've been seeing!). Here's another way to dress along those lines.
I bought this playsuit last year before a trip to Goa with the family. While I haven't really worn it much after because mom's not really a big fan of it, its a pretty good outfit to wear on a casual Saturday. (Although living in India means anything this short will earn you lots of stares, but oh well).

Polka Dot Playsuit: Rs.450, Linking Road, Bandra
Belt: Rs.100, Linking Road, Bandra
Clutch: Rs. 300, Borivali
Sunnies: Ancient, Don't remember they're price sorry! 
Flat Rain Shoes: Rs. 350, Hill Road, Bandra
Silver Necklace: Gift

Total Outfit Cost: Rs. 1200, about 15.

The playsuit has tie up straps on top, which means you could easily throw this on over a swimsuit without much fuss(major selling point when you're dreaming of beaches). The little bow at the waist is just a cute little touch. I kept the look simple because I can't stand the heat that is follows heavy rains! Do you have those times when your travelling during rains and everything's drenched, then it stops and you've got a sticky, icky feeling? Please tell me you do!

Anyway, that's it for today. You can go through my old outfit posts here. You can show me your favorite summer outfits by sharing them with me on TwitterInstagram, Pinterest or Bloglovin! You could also share your links in the comments below! I love hearing from you! 

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