Wishlist: H&M Sale


Last week during my (not very) brief dalliance with sickness, I had a lot of free time to browse online shops and lust after all the things I need want. Usually, I can spend hours wishing and shortlisting things on Asos or Romwe simply because they provide international shipping. Because while I love shopping, I might have to sell a kidney to pay for shipping from everywhere else! This doesn't mean that I don't wish for things from other places like J.Crew, Topshop and especially H&M!

The H&M sale page is one of my favorites these days. They have so much stuff that I want and surprisingly can afford! Only problem is I need to figure out how to get the to shop to India. (Although I do have a few ideas on that aswell). I especially love the trousers they do! Here are my favorites from their sale!

These ankle length trousers are something that may convert me! And they're only ₤4!
PS: I'm forcing myself to not add more since I want ALL the trousers on sale. 
These are the top of my list. The print is something that appeals to me quite a bit. Get them here for ₤7!

Red trousers are something I can't seem to get enough off. And these are pretty good for ₤7! Buy here
This dress has a great shape! And the self-lace is a very nice touch. And its a bargain at ₤17!

All of these blazers are only ₤15! Get them here, here and here
Mint is the color of the season. Get this simple shirt for ₤8 here
I'm partial to a hot pink and fitted top. This one is 12 only! Get it here.
Summers aren't complete without straw hats. And this one is just ₤3! Buy it here. 

This piece plays many roles. Wear as a scarf in winter, and as a sarong in summer. Get it here for 2.
I'm a sucker for block heels. And these are a bargain for 10. Buy here 

You can never have enough of simple black heels. Get these here for 15. 
And finally, mint on heels? Yes please. The texture is simply an added bonus. Get them for 17 here

Compiling this list has made me wish for a money tree (the literal kind). I do need to find a way to earn money to support my shopping habit ( its funny how kicking the habit doesn't even occur to me!). 

Have you bought anything from the sales yet? Share your sale buys with me on Twitter or Instagram or Pinterest! I look forward to hearing from you.

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