Blue Baubles


This week has been one of the most stressful ones ever. I had to make tough life decisions, run around the country (literally) and try not to screw all of it up while sleeping for less than two hours a day. Oh, and did I mention, I've finally enrolled in college for masters which means I'l be running around town for the next two years trying to make something of myself! (Must.Not.Panic)

My outfit of choice once I had some time to celebrate breathe was something slightly festive and complete all on its own. This dress/tunic is something I picked up with a crazy shopping spree with my cousin.

I love the embellished look of this which doesn't require me to work too hard on finding matching accessories! Two thumbs up!! My hair started of as a pony tail but ended in a messy bun (as always!) to keep it from irritating me too much in the heat. Also, looking at the pictures, I realise now that the sleeves need to be altered a little since my arms aren't that flabby!! 

Embellished Dress/Tunic: Rs. 800, Fashion Street
Neon Vest (worn as inner): Rs.100, Borivali (also worn here)
Silver Earrings: Rs. 50, Train
Bag: Gift from an Aunt (also worn here)
Headband: Gift from the same fab Aunt (also worn here)
Ballet Flats for the rains: Rs.350, Hill Road, Bandra

Total Outfit Cost: Rs.1300, about 14.

All in all, I love how the beads add that extra something to this look. Do you have some shiny beaded outfits you wear when you wanna feel glam without the effort? Tell me all about them in the comments. You can also share your outfits with me now on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or Bloglovin

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