Mint and Blue


I have been leaning towards blue a lot lately. I seem to add atleast one piece of "blue" to my daily outfit to feel complete. On the other hand, mint is something I've been lusting after. I desperately want a few pieces in mint for my wardrobe. Especially after seeing the fabulous Jessica Quirk of What I Wore rocking it in various forms of minty goodness. But since the rains have been hampering me from venturing out onto the streets to hunt for mint, I've been shopping my wardrobe to satiate my mint needs. Result is this little jacket I found at the back of my closet, just screaming for a little love.

This picture shows off all the main elements of the outfit! (except the shoes)

My hair is a complete mess these days thanks to the rains!

Notice the little ring on my finger...

For some reason I like this picture quite a bit!

See the pretty color of the jacket?!

Hello pretty white teeth!

Funny how the wind bypasses my hair and hits my dress!

Yet another hand on the hip pose innit!

Dress: Rs. 600, Fashion Street
Jacket: Tailored, DIY
Bag: Gift
Necklace: Gift
Bracelets: Rs. 100, Trains
Belt: Rs. 200, Linking Road, Bandra
Earrings: Rs. 50, Don't remember where
Ring: Rs. 20, Trains

Total Outfit Cost: Rs. 970 .... that's about ₤9.

I paired this cute little skater dress with my mint best because I felt it looked a little incomplete without it. I added the belt to give it a little shape (although I managed to mess it up by the end of the day) and just chucked on bracelets to match! A little quick bit about the dress...its really forgiving around the waist so perfect to wear on holiday or simply a big dinner! 

Do you have any mint pieces you've added to your wardrobe? How do you style them? Talk to me on  TwitterInstagram or Pinterest! I love hearing from you! 

PS: I'm trying out adding my logo to the pictures ... do you think its okay(i.e. doesn't make you notice 'it' more than me!) or should I go back to the original no logo format? 

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