Blister To Bliss


I've been having shoe problems! If  you follow me on twitter, you probably know how much of my time is spent at Uni running around doing a lot of running around. I did buy a new pair of jelly flats last month when my old ones had a rather unfortunate accident, but they turned out to be a size too small for me, causing me to have painful blisters. Not gonna be wearing them anymore. (In case you wanna buy mine, drop me a line here and we can talk details, I promise they're in great condition and have been worn about 5 times)

My shoes, fresh out of the washer!

Although you can't see, it, I've got about 3 bruises on my feet, Sorry for the slightly creepy image.

The evil slip-ons that have been eating my feet! The flower's pretty though!

So coming back to my week, I've been worrying about the rains and have worn absolutely everything from beach thongs to boots to jelly flats to Uni, and my feet have almost given up. I could have worn my regular trainers, yes, but those were in dire need of serious cleaning, which I was too lazy to do. So finally, after a rather painful blister today , I decided to go buy a new shoes. Simple, black, ballet flats that will (I hope) go with everything, and not eat my feet for a snack.

Since I couldn't visit Bandra (my go to for shoes) I had to compromise and get a pair from my neighbourhood. This little shop had a surprisingly current collection of shoes and bags. Its called Sartin and its in Moksh Plaza, Borivali, worth a little look if your in the neighbourhood. Here's a look at my new flats!

Flats: Rs. 750, Sartin, Moksh Plaza, Borivali

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