Black Stamps


You can never go wrong with a little black dress...A little black dress will always be your friend. This surprisingly applies to all forms that a 'dress' can take. Even the Indian version of 'dress' aka, the Punjabi dress. I love how vibrant this dress looks when I wear it. Its such a beautiful marriage of prints and fit that everytime I wear it, it makes my heart sing.

Punjabi Dress: Mom's, Pantaloons
Earrings: Rs. 20, Trains
Watch: Gift from Brother
Heels: Rs. 500, Hill Road, Bandra

Total Outfit Cost: Rs. 520, which is 6!

This was originally my mum's dress, which I altered to fit me. I love the gorgeous dupatta that goes with it and how it doesn't need a lot of work to stand out. The block print makes it unique and while every other girl in the city is in a Punjabi dress, I feel its how you wear your dress that makes you stand out, even if your wearing the same print. (Although it does help, that this particular one is quite unique)

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