Skirting an Obsession


Your Mom's closet is a great place to shop in when your wondering what to wear. My mom's closet is full of amazing western outfits, most of them gifted by dad to her, since he's a big fan of western dressing. Of course I picked out a knee length skirt, of course its blue, I mean, that's quite obvious considering its been a running theme this week, right? Right?? (I agree I'm obsessed and need to start facing it!) In case you can't seem to understand what I'm talking about, you can read my last post here.

Sequined Top: Rs. 600, Fashion Street (Also worn here)
Skirt: Vintage, Mom's
Glasses: Gifted By Mom
Necklace: Gift from my Best friend
Jelly Flats: Rs. 250, Wadala
Satchel Bag: Rs. 700, Colaba Causeway (also worn here, here and here)

Total Outfit Cost: Rs. 1550, which is ₤16.

I've started wishing for winter ever since the rains decided to say goodbye and leave us with what I call crazy weather (I rant about this quite a bit on twitter these days!). This skirt is just the kind of piece I would consider wearing in the month of December. I added the sequin top to make it a bit more modern, although by the time I got back home to take outfit pictures, my hair was a mess and the top is positively disheveled. 

Do you tend to shop in your Mom's or Aunt's wardrobes to find inspiration? How do you style vintage pieces? Talk to me in the comments below. You can also find me in many other ways that you can find in the Contacts Section. 

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