Under the Weather


The weather Gods have decided to take punish me for all the things I've been saying about the sporadic showers and sunlight that have graced us recently. Me n my mom have both been quite unwell this whole week and in case you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you may know that to add to all my crazy problems, I've had Mid semester exams going on this week aswell. (yay life!)
Basically, my blog has taken a wee backseat in the midst of all these things, but since I've got a second of free time today, I thought I'd share with you what has kept me going through the week....pretty accessories. While I haven't been able to don most of my nicer clothes (thanks to the still PMS-ing weather), I've been relying on pretty rings to keep me inspired. These are from my Instagram feed! You can follow me on Instagram here.

Just a little butterfly action to make me wanna leap with joy

Flower rings are always a sure way to bring a smile on a difficult day

Because sick people need a little extra push, Tomato n Beet soup made by moi! 

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